My 9/11 Story

My 9/11 story doesn’t really take place on 9/11. It doesn’t take place in New York, or Shanksville, Pennsylvania, or at the Pentagon.  I was a police officer in a suburban department in Northern Kentucky at the time, though I was off that day. I watched it on TV like most of you did, and…


Podcast 442 – Support the Police

I have a short show this weekend but maybe still ok to you as I share my thoughts on the value of those that are police officers, the struggles they face, the culture of America today and how we can and are the only ones that can change things. Thank you so much for listening to me and being a part of this community.


Podcast 441 – Calling The Brothers

This is one of those times when I say something and hope it comes out like I intended. This week I remember the March on Washington in 1963, the state of gun rights now, and invite all my Americans of African descent in the gun community to unite and plan if possible to attend a summit planned for October 2015 in Cleveland, OH. If you are with it, email me at for details.


Patriot or Faith

  Where do your loyalties lie when it comes down to defining the answer between patriotism and your faith/religious beliefs and or responsibilities? The driving force for one man can be the crumbling factor for another. I am a man with a deeply rooted faith in God that I consider unshakable. I believe this is…

Speaker Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Podcast 440 – Georgia Podcast: Play in new window | Download Last weekend I got a chance to travel to Atlanta, GA and met some amazing patriots of I want to brag on them for a minute or two. On this podcast episode I am going to share some of Georgia’s racist roots of gun control history…