The arrest of Eric Garner
Photo: NY Daily News/Getty Images

To Die For

Want to know a secret? Well, it isn’t exactly a secret…everyone who has ever been a cop, or has known a cop, or has any grasp of reality knows this to be true. No one wants to go to jail. On top of that, some of the people required by law to go to jail…


How Sexy Can A Holster Be?

On the 404th gun podcast of Kenn Blanchard he talks about holsters, training, seasonal affective disorder, and what he is thankful for most, you. Definition of Hanukkah, and more…

MJW grips

Making Your Grips Better

For those interested in enhancing their firearms performance have an option of getting a sleeve that can slide over your pistol grip giving it both grip as well as a more natural feel. Depending on the person and the size of your hand, there are different sizes and textures of sleeves giving the pistol grip a more natural feel in your hand. I ended up taking the route of stippling my hand grip.