beggin cat

Corrections, Corruption, and Cats

Christopher Epps, the former President of the American Corrections Association and genuinely a nice man, had been indicted on corruption charges regarding his post as head of Mississippi Department of Corrections. He’s accused of taking a million in bribes from contractors over private prisons implementation and improvements. I say sad because I met Chris at an ACA convention, he is one of the nicest men working in corrections you’ll ever meet, and was implementing some programs that would change the conditions of the prisons in his state for the better, very progressive views. And the warden at Bayside Prison in New Jersey issued a mandate last month to the guards to stop feeding the small colony of cats who have been on the grounds of the prison for years. They’re “wild” in one way, but very dependent on the inmates and guards for their food source. Read this and you’ll see the correlation.

Colion Noir

A Conversation with Colion Noir

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast I have a conversation with Mr. Colion Noir. Before that I have a little rant about May Issue. Do Black People Have a “Legitimate Need” For A Gun? That seems to be the real question. The conversation with Colion Noir was fun.


Gun Podcast 400

This is our 400th episode. I share some of the journey that got me here. Interviews with Mas Ayoob, Gail Pepin, MJ Woodland, Gila Hayes, and Larry Pratt. Ode to Veterans and Happy Birthday Marines. Sponsored by you and Colt Python and The Walking Dead.


Not So Fast

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but I’m not quite ready to do an end zone dance over yesterday’s election results just yet. Yes, a case can be made that the Democrats were reined in hard yesterday.  A case can be made that the voters used Tuesday to express disapproval of the President’s…

VTAC and MJ Woodland

Gun Review: S&W VTAC handgun

I did not want to put this gun down even after running out of bullets. My intent was to practice on a few drills to prepare for a upcoming shooting match this weekend, but my attention was side tracked by the performance of the M&P VTAC 9mm. One thing that will happen is this firearm will be used in future competition matches after I feel my level of comfort has magnified with this piece of working art. I am surprised the military and law enforcement are not jumping on with Smith & Wesson for the side arm of choice for Soldiers and duty officers.