Podcast 419 -The Force

The force talked about in Star Wars has some real concepts that are both scientifically and biblical. Kenn tries to share his theory on self defense, the use of force, and the erroneously term “gun violence”.


Why the BATFE Didn’t Outlaw Your Ammunition This Week

The ATF said the most popular rifle cartridge at use in the US was illegal. Yes, that was a huge power grab by the Obama administration. That new claim required the ATF to reinterpret its long standing rules. And why not. There is no one to stop Obama if he pressed forward with an illegal…

front sight focus

Podcast 418

    This week on the Black Man With A Gun Podcast I talk about focus but didn’t do it as eloquently as I tried in my writing below but I hope with the combination it makes sense to you.  I got a chance to interview Tiffany Johnson again which makes the third time you…

"ATF will not at this time seek to issue a final framework."

BATFE Zombies

Today the BATFE announced that its proposed “framework” for banning the popular 5.56x45mm M855 “green tip” ammunition was being withdrawn.  I won’t get down into the weeds with analysis of this move…there are plenty of places you can go for that.     Rather, I’d like to do two things. First of all, a big…

bipod accutac

Accu-Tac Bipod

A positive look at a new product from Accu-Tac. This is a bipod like no other. I really like it. It not only looks good but it works well too. If you are looking for a bipod, I recommend the Accu-Tac SR 5, over some of the cheesy looking ones with the long springs and knobs that pinch your fingers and grab lint and cloth from unknown places. Accu-Tac as a company is relatively new but the customer service was great.