What To Look For In A Motorcycle Jacket

This is a leather women’s motorcycle jacket from Viking Cycle.

I found a deal on a good motorcycle jacket for women located at Viking Cycle. This is a high quality leather jacket with armor that protects your arms and spine. If this jacket had a certain logo on it it would cost over $500 but its not. The makers of this jacket from Viking Cycle were really customer focused and sent me this jacket that my wife loves. It fits like a glove. She was surprised at the weight of it. When you order one, go a size larger than you wear. She wears a size 10 and the one in the photo is a large. The sleeves have a ballistic nylon like material underneath to help with ventilation and movement. The interior is complete with pockets for cellphones and gadgets you want to secure on both sides. The armor can be removed if you just want to look like a Bad Ass and not ride.

How important is it?

A quality jacket doesn’t just look good it is one that you want to wear. I know you know but protection doesn’t work in the closet. In the times when it is extremely hot, it’s still important to wear a jacket. If you do end up in a crash you want your skin to stay on you. Sliding on pavement can be like putting your skin cheese grater. Who wants their skin scraped off ? A low speed fall doesn’t have to be a life changing event. It is not cool to expose muscle, bone, and nerves. Don’t be like the guy with a tee shirt and a beanie helmet.

Would you rather sweat a little, or bleed a lot?

What about the branding?

You can rock and ride anything with sacrificing your cuteness. So ride that Spyder, Cam Am, Trike, Sport Bike, Touring, Enduro, chopper, Adventurer, Street, Euro, American, British or Japanese motorcycle when wearing this jacket with confidence. It will prove you are more experienced and knowledgeable rider. The intelligent design and purposed fit of this jacket will set you apart from the rest.

I think if you like the style but don’t see it in your size, you should contact Viking Cycle and let them know what size you are so they can make one for you. They are an international outfit and should be able to deliver.

They have a few other things worth considering before the summer starts. Order now and be ready to rumble.

If you would like this jacket or know someone who would pass it on.

They also have international stores for faster shipping so if you live down-under go here: Viking Cycle Australia and if you live in Great Britain go here: Viking Cycle UK



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