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Voice Acting Moves in 2021

Slow and Steady wins the race


2021 in the year of widespread chaos, I am taking a leap of faith and pushing my dream to be a successful voice over artist into the atmosphere.

The following clips are demos of companies I would love to work for or subjects I believe in. I didn’t paid for using their names but believe in their products.

I’ve been podcasting since 2007. I’ve wanted to be a voice actor since I was a child and didn’t know “that was a thing.”

Hear the soothing, trusted tones of these samples. This is round one. I have more in my range. I am available for narration,
explainer videos, whiteboard animations, software  tutorials, brand & product videos, TV promos, PSA’s, award luncheons, medical portals, telephone systems, voicemail, IVR,  e-learning, training, HR on boarding, audio books, blogs, podcasts, trailers, and documentaries. You can email me at Kenn.Blanchard@gmail.com and I will get you in touch with my agent.

Check out these podcast:  Black Man With A Gun Show ,  Speak Life church , and  Indian Motorcycle radio  The Books, Kenn has written.


Reverend Kenn Blanchard is a USMC veteran, ordained pastor and podcaster that began this journey as a federal police officer and firearms trainer. In 1991, he began teaching security and qualifying, civilians and law enforcement officers for armed duties. In 1992, he became a gun rights activist. He has lobbied and testified before the United States Congress, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland for an individual’s right to self-defense. He has served on the Urban Affairs and Training committees of the NRA in the past. He created and founded a national shooting club for African Americans called the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club.
In 1999 he became known as the Black Man With A Gun after publishing his first book and launching this website in 2000. He has since copyrighted the phrase. After discovering podcasting in 2007, he created the Urban Shooter / Black Man With A Gun Podcast to be able to reach people he has met as an activist and encourage them to stay in the fight for freedom.

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