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Did I tell you I love motorcycles?

Did I tell you I love motorcycles?

 I love motorcycles.


I love the look and feel of them.  I love the culture.  Riding a motorcycle is not a passive activity.  You have to be fully engaged to be safe and enjoy all that the world is when riding a motorcycle.  I just got the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things.  I’m hoping to soon podcast about motorcycles again professionally.  

I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1977.  I rode a Honda 350 motorcycle in high school before I bought my first car.  This was only a year after Gore Tex ™ was manufactured or sold to regular people.  It was a cold ride in the winter months.  I remember not being able to write in my homeroom class a few times because my hands were still numb.  

I had a couple of motorcycle podcast attempts already.  I learned that motorcycle shows are seasonal.  I learned that there is plenty of competition for the earbuds and not a lot of good shows.  I plan on taking what I learned from the Baptist Biker, Motorcycle Radio and Motorcycle Talk to make this an informative, entertaining and community supported show.  Those three podcast have faded.  Domain squatters have snatched up those domains and are now holding them for ransom; but I’ve moved on.  

There are no failures, only lessons!

Riding a motorcycle gives me a sense of freedom. I feel like I am in control of the moment.  There are not that many opportunities to do that these days.  Riding lets me, be me without anyone’s permission.

Back in 1981, I was selected to leave my Combat Engineer unit to become a Marine Security Guard.  I rode my brand new Yamaha XS 850 for Camp Pendleton, CA to Quantico, Virginia to see this great country before I left it to serve in an US Embassy abroad.  It was an amazing experience.
It might sound like a cliché but it’s true,

“Four wheels move your body, two wheels move your soul.”

Riding a motorcycle takes away all my tension and stress. It’s a cheap reboot. It brings a sense of calm and ease to my mind and body.  I’ve preached my best sermons on my bike.  It doesn’t matter that nobody has ever heard them, or that they never sounds as good the second time.  
The most obvious reason I love motorcycles are that they are fun to ride. I have been on commutes to work where I was tempted to keep on going.  I know I am not the only one.  How about when the sky turns a different color or you see some element of wildlife near the shoulder that you hope stays over there?  What about the feel of the temperature drop near a wooded area, or body of water?  What about the warmth of riding in a city that changes when you leave it.  

Pearl Harbor Day 2019

I test rode a Pearl colored 2019 Indian Roadmaster motorcycle from Chesapeake Cycles. It was sunny, dry, and the temperatures were mid 40’s. The shop was surprisingly busy but I was taken care of.

The 7 mile route was nice. It was a back country road in Parole, Maryland. It had farm land, hills and turns.

The motorcycle performed better than any Harley I’ve owned. The phrase “analog vs digital” comes to mind.

The shifting, braking, and balance was not just different. It was better. This bike was 200 lbs heavier than my HD 2007 Electra glide. It had more features than my daughters Honda car. And it cost more than it too.

It’s about 30k out the door. That’s the only reason I didn’t sign a contract immediately. I need to save up for this one.

More to come…

I will be teaming up with Viking Group for a new review with these two links in the New Year.



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