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Every community has their holy men, shaman, religious leaders. I am one for the gun community. I am the Friar Tuck of this band of merry minutemen and women that believe in God. I haven’t been promoting it or sharing it openly but have been participating in weddings, funerals, baptisms and private counselings when life events make us jump in the foxhole.

There are no atheist in a foxhole.

When you are contemplating next steps, life and death and where you are going from here, I’ve been called upon to offer an ear, solace, comfort, experience, empathy, and love. Its not a sexy job but I’ve been called to it. I am hard wired to it. I’ve been doing it since 2001.

Sometimes it seems to conflicted with my pro-gun stuff until I realized I was serving the community I was in. I was ordained and served as pastor to Historic Berean Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., for seven years before creating the Speak Life Church, Incorporated.  I still rock the collar but I do it all virtually now.

I’m the pastor of patriots, pistoleros and paladins.

Speak Life is striving to be a continuation of the ministry of the Apostle Paul using technology. Church and fellowship is not about the building you are in, it is about learning and growing closer to Jesus. It is about building friendships and a community. Through the website, podcasting, video, live streaming and social media, people can be reached that do not feel at home in a traditional church. However, Speak Life is not all about technology. Phone calls, personal visits and meet ups are also a huge part of fellowship and are an even larger part of the roadmap for the church.

Although technically, Speak Life has only been operating for several years now, here are some of our successes:

* Helped prevent seven suicides
* Saved several marriages
* Organized charitable fundraisers for good causes
* Saved the home of a terminally ill veteran
* Provided fishing trips and ministry to a senior citizen, dying of cancer
* Officiated at 18 weddings

Our Mission

To restore and strengthen the family, provide hope for those in need and offer a non-traditional place of worship, using technology to be anywhere. All are welcome, including those souls still searching for what they believe in.

Speak Life Church is an IRS 501 (c)3 recognized religious charity, incorporated in the State of Maryland in 2018.
A fellowship that uses technology to create a non-traditional place of life-affirming strength and worship everywhere to everyone.

Check out our weekly podcast at speaklifepodcast.com

Contact info if you need me:


Ways you can support the Mission.


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Amazon purchases

You can support the ministry by check or money order by sending it to Speak Life Church, PO BOX 2, upper Marlboro, MD 20772

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Lust Please

Lust Please

Today, I know the difference between love and lust.  

That wasn’t the case 20 and 30 years ago. Lust is an intense sexual attraction to another person.  You just want to do what biology is calling on you to, by any means necessary.  It is fueled in your mind by fantasy and competition.

 You want to “hit the bottom” or knock a hole in that thing.

It’s goal directed.  It’s addictive.  It’s self centered. You just can’t wait to get in to it. Oh I remember those days.  When it is mutual, it can be animalistic. When it is not it violates. It can endanger.  One of the only good things about lust is can be what starts a good relationship.  It can be what allows for deep physical connection, if we survive the fire.

When your hearts on fire, smoke gets in your eyes.

Lust feels like love until its’ time to make a sacrifice. Love and lust, however, are not identical and can appear in any combination, with or without the other, fluctuating between the two states over time. Love is a basic human need that keeps us bonded to the people who matter most. A secure, loving attachment with a romantic partner involves a deep affection, trust, and acceptance of a person, with all of their flaws.

I want to tell you about a girl I lusted after.  She had a serious hour glass figure.  When she wore her red, she could stop traffic.  Police officers used to follow us, just to see her. She had a peek a boo bra. She was big up top. She was hotter than Georgia asphalt.  She spoke with a low deep voice.  She was not good for me. She was a 1971 Chevy Corvette.  She had a big block 454 engine with a Edelbrock blower peaking out of the fiberglass hood.  It had hard detachable t-tops. In the summer, you could feel the temperature from engine compartment.  It didn’t have A/C.  The motor was so powerful it had chains assisting the motor mounts.  You could torque the frame with the RPM of the engine. She growled when she idled.  She got 10 miles to the gallon in the city. 12MPG on the highway under 60.  She got respect and a lot of looks.  I had to park her away from other cars.  She was horrible in bad weather.  She slid on wet pavement like a ice skater.  It was lust.

She gave nothing back. When you want a cool car, it is lust.  The car can’t and doesn’t love you back.  It is one sided. Lust is like that.  There is no commitment.  She’ll put you down in a out of the way place.  She’ll wear out, or be sold for something newer. You don’t do that with a person you love.

Great Interview 

Conversation with the authors of 15 Rules, Janet C. Hall and Steven R. Hall, authors.  

15 Rules For a Loving, Lasting, and Satisfying Relationship

by Janet C Hall and Steven R Hall | Dec 13, 2019

Check out this episode!

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Is She The One?

Is She The One?

Probably not.  I say that up front because we don’t make the best decisions on relationships early.  You need experience to be a good judge of what a good relationship is or is not.  You must be mature enough to know what you want.  You have to unfortunately, guess more often than not.  Her having a “big butt and a smile” is not enough.  A good wife is a partner for life.  A good partner is a friend. A friend with benefits that you want to marry don’t make you not want to come home or duck them for peace of mind. A friend with benefits that you want to marry does not give you static.
A friend that you want to marry is not a security risk.  She is not likely to land you in jail.  She is not likely to surprise you with a baby.  She is not going to get you into a fight.
A friend you want to marry likes the same stuff you do.  Or if she doesn’t wants to learn. 
Opposites don’t really attract.  There is something about you two that you like.  It could be as simple as you both work at the same place.  You both drive on the same road.  You both shared a glance in a crowded elevator.  You shared a weekend of great sex.  But everything else is whack.  Don’t do bad math either.  Don’t settle for some good and some bad.  What people show you early in your relationship will still be around five years later or be worse. 
I am sharing this with you as someone who has survived almost everything you can go through as a boyfriend, fiancé and husband.
Marriage is good when you can share your life with someone with the same goals, dreams and values as you. Living together can expose some of the things we would normally hide from each other but even then it can cause more problems than you need.  People have problems. None of us is wrapped in perfect boxes.  Unfortunately, when we rush relationships, rush growth, we suffer.  Everyone grows differently.  Education and age are not great factors in telling maturity.  I have seen and heard men with PhD’s deliver love letters to love interest that bordered on juvenile.  In the relationship game, they were in elementary school even though they could quote theorems on quantum physics.  It is even tougher today for those that have embraced social media and don’t have good conversation skills. 
It is not enough to say that a person you love, knows me.  A good marriage thrives on the open exchange of emotion, desires, and beliefs. Communication is one of the most important aspects life. When you can communicate, you can do almost anything. Through communication, you’d learn if your partner was honest, respectful, positive and open.  Through good channels they would indeed know where you were coming from even if you weren’t on the same level.  If she is the one, then the both of you would be able to put up with, deal, handle, and tackle anything the world threw at you, together. And it will.
You don’t want to fight at work, and at home.  If you do, she ain’t the one.

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Good fathers using #girldad

Good fathers using #girldad

In remembrance of Kobe Bryant, arguably, one of the greatest NBA players of all-time and a superstar who transcended sports, was killed in a fiery helicopter crash in California on January 26, 2020. Because of the outpouring of support many celebrity fathers who are also proud of their daughters blew up social media recently with the hashtag #girldad. CNN reported A-Rod (A. Rodriguez), Casey Sadler, Chicago Cubs pitcher, beat master, Timbaland (Timothy Zachary Mosley), and Bow Wow (Shad Moss) also showing their fatherly nod to the “Black Mamba” who died recently with his daughter “GiGi” and seven other people in a helicopter crash. He was 41.

According to multiple reports, Bryant was on a helicopter flying over Calabasas – a city of 23,000 people located about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Fathers all over social media are taking the opportunity to defy the grief and negativity of the day to show their love for their kids.  I think its absolutely fabulous.  I could brag on my daughter all day.  She is no longer a baby; but she’s mine.  A graduate from culinary school at Johnson& Wales University, still provides monumental meals for her old man who has been eating like a king since she was a teen.

When I heard the horrible news of the helicopter crash, I was dining on a new meal she was experimenting with, fried spare ribs.  It was paired with candied yams and string beans.  Was it good? Man, it was so good I felt guilty I didn’t want to share my good fortune.  My relationship with my daughter has been magical since I married her mother twenty eight years ago.  The only thing we don’t share is DNA but its hard to tell.

There is no question that fathers play an important part in their children’s lives.  Unfortunately, up until this tragedy it was rare that people thought about how great it was. I can attest that being a positive male role model helps a child become a great citizen.

I should have taken pictures of the food but I ate it.


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