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  • My COVID-19 shot

    My COVID-19 shot

    We live in interesting times. Since the pandemic of the coronavirus, I have been skeptical and mistrusting of the vaccine until a week ago. I took my mother to get her shot and have been contemplating the process ever since. A doctor broke some stuff down to me and I decided to try to find a way to get vaccinated. I didn’t fit any of the categories to get the shot early. I wasn’t over 65. I wasn’t in a high-risk category. I was not a first responder. Yada yada yada. Even my physician says she wasn’t offering any. A couple of days later I received a text from my pastor asking if I wanted it. I said sure.
    I had no idea it would be at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC with Dr. Fauci and other big names trying to use the clergy of all faiths to get the word out.

    Remembering the Tuskegee Experiment and all the negative things said online, I didn’t trust the COVID vaccine at first.  It was overly promoted on television and media. My plan was to get it only when I had to, and hope that I was right about it.  That changed this week when I voluntarily got the J&J version at a publicized event for faith leaders in the Washington, DC metro area. Prior to this invitation, a doctor had told me that it was safe.  He had said it wouldn’t prevent me from catching the Coronavirus but it would keep it from killing me.
    Having worked for the government most of my life, I don’t have a fear of the conspiracies you can find on almost every social media site.

    Get in line and get yours. It’s been tested enough now and is safe.

    The word I got is that either version will be good.

    1. The Phizer and Moderna versions are stronger because it’s double. It may make you sick after the second dose.
    2. The virus attacks and kills those of us that are overweight.
    3. The vaccine won’t stop you from getting the virus but it will keep it from killing you.
    4. You are considered vaccinated 14 days after the last shot has gone into your arm.


    When I traveled around the world back in the day for the USG I had all kinds of shots given to me that I never questioned even though they were super scary.

    • Meningitis
    • Yellow Fever
    • Denge
    • Malaria pills
    • Typhoid


    If I didn’t trust in God, I would not have taken it.

    Dr. Fauci whom some don’t like at all said some good stuff that I want to share below.

    I’m the director of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases at the national institutes of health. I first wanted to underscore all the important points that were made by my colleague and friend Dr. Francis Collins. But I also like to spend my couple of minutes talking to you a little bit about the facts and some of the fiction associated with vaccines. How do these vaccines work? I often get asked that question by people who understandably want to learn more about what it is that’s being injected into their own vaccines that we have for COVID-19 all have one thing in common. It takes a single protein of the virus, not the whole virus, and that protein gets expressed in different ways, depending upon what particular vaccine platform that is being used in the vaccine, that you will have some have a little snippet of messenger RNA, that codes for the protein, the spike protein on the virus, others, a little harmless viruses that have the DNA for that spike protein that when you inject it in, it makes the protein, the body thinks that it’s the virus, but it’s not the virus.

    It’s a harmless protein component of the virus so that when the body sees that it thinks it’s the virus and it makes a very powerful immune response to protect you for when you do get exposed to the virus. So how do we know these vaccines work? We know they work because they’d been tested in tens of thousands of individuals, 30,000 people in the Moderna trial, 44,000 people in the Pfizer trial and 40,000 people in the Johnson and Johnson or J and J trial. And there’s more to come because there are also more vaccine candidates that we’re evaluating. A common question that we get asked is how can you be sure that it’s actually safe and effective? And the answer is because they’ve been tested in tens of thousands of people and that the Cision about whether it works, namely is safe and effective is not made by the administration, not made by the Congress, not made by the pharmaceutical company.

    It’s made by an independent group of scientists, ethicists, statisticians, who look at the data and in an independent manner, decide whether it is safe and effective. Then that data goes to the FDA whose career scientists look at it. And in association with their own advisory committee, make a decision whether or not it should be administered to all of us, myself included. So the answer is that the process is both independent and transparent. Another important question is, but telling us that it takes years to make a vaccine, how could you possibly have a vaccine when you just knew the virus was a new virus in January of 20, 20, and 11 months later, you’re injecting a vaccine into our arms. And the reason is the extraordinary scientific advances that have taken place decades before January 2020. In other words, things didn’t start on January 10th, 2020. They started decades before by large numbers of scientists who were working their way to the point where we could actually have this vaccine.

    Let me close by making a couple of comments about some of the myths about this particular vaccine, that we can understand how people can have these kinds of false rumors, but let’s address them. We often get asked, can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine? As I just told you, the vaccine is a small component of the virus. It’s not the virus itself. So it is impossible to get COVID-19 from the vaccine. Secondly, does it get into my DNA? It is biologically impossible for that to happen. Can it make me sterile? There is no biological reason at all to think that that would happen. And already tens of thousands of people have received the vaccine with no significant adverse events. And then the one that’s particularly interesting to me is that no, neither I, and I believe I can speak for bill Gates, have put a chip into the virus when he gets injected in you.

    That might seem ludicrous, but they’re really things as ridiculous as that, that are being circulated. So I want you all to realize that this particular process is very well controlled with the highest standard of ethics. So on. I want to close by thanking all of the people who’ve been vaccinated, as well as those who plan to get vaccinated because what you’re doing is not only protecting yourselves, your families, and your communities, but you’re being part of the important process of ending this terrible pandemic that has essentially immobilized our country and the world for the last year, we will get through this and we will get through it by vaccination. Thank you.

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