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  • Why You Never See A Solution to Gun Violence That Actually Works

    Why You Never See A Solution to Gun Violence That Actually Works

    What is Gun Violence?

    If you intelligently break down the the term gun violence it means that guns are violent.  Think about that, “violent guns.”  There is no such thing.  A gun is an inanimate object incapable of doing anything except rusting if not operated by human hands.  The proposed changes to gun laws don’t work because guns do not equal murder.  There are already 20,000 gun laws of varying degrees across America. 

    States and individual cities can impose even tighter laws than the federal government and do.  Not one law has saved the life of a child killed accidentally by a criminal.   The violence on the news and in our cities might be new to you but it is not new. 

    Guns that are built to take more than one round of ammo at a time is done so not to kill but for convenience.  It allows the user not to have to reload immediately after every shot, which applies for self defense, national defense, hunting, recreation, competition and just the uniqueness of it all.

    Violence is the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.

    The term “gun violence” was created by the news media to excite, grab attention and capitalize on the fear some have about firearms.  It is perpetuated by politicians, the elite and anti-rights people to move the topic along to the ignorant and manipulated.

    Violence is always bad. 

    Every year is a tragic year for violence.  Whenever it happens it is horrific.  With all the advances in tech, we have still not conquered societies ills and peoples’ flaws.  It is always more intense where you are.  That is because it just appeared to you.  As a long time member of the gun community I have seen the increase of violence with the demise of our society.  When kids don’t care about life, then they become adults that don’t care.  Hurt people, hurt people. 

    Violence has been around since Cain killed his brother.  Violence happens where ever there are people.  It happens more in the summer than in the winter.  It happens more in impoverished, crowded, economically displaced, addicted, mentally sick, spiritually bankrupt, greedy, selfish, and by evil people.  It is more apt to happen with the harmful use of drugs and alcohol, and the absence of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships between children and parents.  It has always been against the law to murder, for example, since the creation of the Ten Commandments.  


    There will soon be an interview on SLATE podcast network with “ A Word…with Jason Johnson.” We will be talking about Black gun ownership.  He has already spoken to the younger and more famous guns in the movement, Colion Noir and Maj Toure.  I guess it was my turn.  (I have only been saying this stuff since 1991). When he used the term “Gun Violence,” it reminded me of the never ending battle for the hearts and minds of Americans.  This fight is evergreen.  Freedom isn’t free.  Some truly believe that guns are a problem.  Guns not people.  To attack a gun is more politically correct that blaming the street corner pharmacist (drug dealer), the trafficker of human beings, the abusive person, the mentally challenged or outright evil person that would shoot a gun at another for any other reason other than self defense or to stop bodily harm from happening to an innocent.  

    We are having the same argument today I have had every year since I began three decades ago.  We sadly emphasize the violence epidemic in the Black Community.  I wish it weren’t so.  If you were Latino, you would see it there too.  Violence is in EVERY community.  Violence has always been here.  It has been here, in our community, in your community and in the world. 

    Police Reform?

    The same can be said with our issues with police.  I remember the issue as a child.  The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and Justice marched armed in Sacremento, CA about it in 1967 against police brutality.   

    Nothing is new under the sun.

    The pictures featured in this post is of two groups of women separated by time.  Both groups are the sustainers of the African American story.

    Education got the enslaved African off of the plantation, and it will keep his descendants free today.  Free people own guns, slaves do not.  

    Check out the Podcast.

    Here’s last weeks podcast of ours.

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  • He Is Returning

    He Is Returning

    Some podcasters don’t take themselves serious, but when they do, they knock it out of the park.


    I got the opportunity to speak on a podcast (hear below) recently and was asked some tough questions.  From my vantage point, anyway.  We talked about race, BLM, racism, police defunding, gun control and what we did last in guns.

    It’s not you, it’s them.

    You have been thinking, acting, and living like you have to be responsible for your life, family and future.  They think the government is here to protect them up until recently.  Now they want to defund the police.  They don’t know that gun control is racist.  You know our history.  You know that along with a firearm you need ammunition and training.  They are now surprised that they have to wait 3, 7 or ten days to pick up a pistol they purchased because of a state regulation they agreed to years ago.  You don’t give a rats ass about the color of a person skin.  You are so comfortable you used to make jokes about it with friends.  They are shocked you have a relationships with people of color.  They are shocked you supported a podcast called Black Man With A Gun for years, that they never heard of.  

    If the recent burning, looting, and destruction of cities surprises you, don’t let it.  This is the reaction of people seeking to be heard.  This is what happens when people wake up.  This is what happens when we grieve the loss of life, freedom and the way things used to be.  All of us are in some stage of that grief.  This is how sausage is made.

    Nobody new to food processing likes watching how sausage is being made.  It is ugly. Everyone watching the turmoil, strife and upheaval of protesters and looters doesn’t understand that these are byproducts of freedom. It is ugly.  It is revolution.  These are pleas for help and attention to social problems mixed with criminal activity. It is change.


    To quote my cousin.

    Black people haven’t had one decade to heal. We come out of slavery to lynchings , to Jim Crow , segregation, desegregation, civil rights denied, too war on drugs all the way up till now being killed by cops ( no healing period) 


    What makes us different is not only our age, but our core values.   Those that  once served  in uniform and took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and to serve as an example to American society which did not transfer to the folks you see on RAGE TV.  Yes, the media is doing what it does.  It is showing you what you want to see to scare you.  We like to be scared.  Some of us, are writing articles about the Race War, and how we won’t kneel.  None of which is helping anyone else.  

    We have been here before.  I didn’t think this would happen in my lifetime but but humanity is not as cogent, progressive or intelligent as it wants to claim.  Collectively we are still little kids in the playground picking sides by color, size and familiarity.  

    You still with me?

    I am bringing back the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast and incorporating more common sense, more positive conversations, monologues and history.  I may even try to do a short mini series on video now that I am over my fear of the camera.  You’ll see the new stuff on my Youtube channel. 

    I ended the show last December thinking it had ran its course.  I was wrong.  I did need a break though.

    The podcast rocked and rolled for twelve years as the world accepted podcasting.  I did and lasted longer than most on what I had.  The people that liked me, really did.  The ones that listened to me try all sorts of things.  They watched me grow.  I thought I was done after watching a boat load of younger enthusiast take to instagram and YouTube.  They seemingly got sponsors, and all sorts of stuff I thought was not available.  I wasn’t black enough to some.  I had the “racist” John Wayne on my show leading the pledge of Allegiance.  I was probably a Republican.  I was an odd duck.  I had worked for all the socially unacceptable agencies, the police, the CIA, the NRA, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, I was a black preacher (which is also a negative sometimes), I saluted the flag.  I got along with bikers, the NASCAR crowd, country musicians. I was dangerously close to being an Uncle Tom.  

    With the exceptions that those closest vouched that I was the radical, the street smart, the militant, the “woke” guy in all those unacceptable agencies.  That I scared my peers back then, though they understand me now.  I was purposely put into diversity and Glass ceiling studies.  I was always put into working groups because of my stance on human rights, equality and justice.  When I became an entrepreneur in the gun industry, I was alone.  I became jealous of the clowns that were celebrated, paid and shared on social media.  I figured if that is what “the people” want then good on them.  That was then.

    Which brings me finally to what is going on.  People are grieving and trying to work through it.  We are in the midst of trying to stay safe from viruses and angry people.  Mobs, riots and zealots are out here.  The ignorant, misinformed and conmen are using social media to their benefit.  I thought I’d come back and give my biased views on a few things under the guise of a Black Man With A Gun.  I started this off by asking friends to submit articles to the blog and and handful did.  They share their hearts.  And that is what will save our Republic.  Going to need financial help to get this puppy moving.  If you can, please contribute to the patreon.com/blackmanwithagun  or buy me a coffee links. 

    None of us, is as strong as all of us.

    I will be incorporating the Game Changers podcast into this as well.  Celebrating and acknowledging men doing the right thing in our community. And I may get around to talking about guns too. 

    I’m back.  


    Here is a conversation I had with the Concealed Taco Dudes Podcast.

    Black Man With A Gun Show returning in July 2020.



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  • Five Things You Need To Know About EDC

    Five Things You Need To Know About EDC

    Thank you for listening, downloading and supporting the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast.

    This is episode 579.

    This week Michael and I talk about concealed carrying your firearm every day.  When and where to carry is a little like walking around naked.  Some places its comfortable, and other times its inappropriate, offense and even illegal.  Mike says you need:

    1. Mindset
    2. Skills
    3. Tactics
    4. Gear 
    5. Insurance (we suggest the United States Concealed Carry Association https://uscca.blackmanwithagun.com )

      Movie Reference

    assault of Precinct 13

    If you want to see a movie that does everything wrong, check out this 1976 classic film.  Silencers on revolvers, pump shotguns that shoot 3x before reloading and more.  All the things that feed the ignorance and fear of anti-rights folks and those that fear guns.

    Welcome to all new listeners. thanks for being a part of my family.  I look forward to talking with you in the future.  Join us online on our Facebook page @facebook.com/blackmanwithagun1

    And for some reason I had a little Georgia on my Mind.  I share a little history of gun laws in Georgia.  The past wasn’t pretty and usually isn’t but we have two great groups now in the Peach State.  Check out NAAGA.co aka the National African American Gun Association and GeorgiaCarry.org that is doing great things.  I had a chance to present there and it was phenomenal.

    I am a fan of https://Crossbreedholsters.com and they support this podcast.  Please reciprocate if you are  looking for leather belts, holsters and magazine wear.

    Mike mentioned three holster companies he likes – one of which was JM4 Tactical.

    Tips Feature:  Effective ways to train on a budget



    Maryland Gun Owners please join and support:  https://www.marylandshallissue.org



    I realized this week that having a co-host can be a benefit. Michael has helped me in times when I was frustrated with politics of gun rights. His being new and still excited to the movement is sometimes contagious.

    I have started a fiction series about a blues playing werewolf named Solomon Love.  It’s different than my pro-gun, 2A stuff you know about.  I am hoping you will check out my books.  I am working on the third now, the first two are available on Amazon and Kindle.  Do me a favor and buy them, review them and support this facet of my life. 


    Speaking of facets.

    If you need a pastor, a Christian brother, for any reason, join us at http://speaklifechurch.net

    You can listen to this weeks podcast here on the player below.

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