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Originally known as the Urban Shooter Podcast, this podcast has been downloaded over 2 million times and has a mature and dedicated listening audience of successful business owners and contributors in the firearms community.

A new episode has come out almost every week since 2007.

The podcast has had over 200 guest. It has been affiliated with several companies over the decade. The long term sponsors have been individuals, Crossbreed holsters and the United States Concealed Carry Association.


Kenn Blanchard Podcasting

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In 2007, it was called the Urban Shooter. It encapsulated my love of old time radio, America and the Second Amendment community I had become a part of. Over the years, it has become my test-tube for experimentation and growth. I’ve told jokes, and had comedians on it.  I have sang and played music.  I have told original stories and had newsmakers here.
I talk about things of interest to the gun community in a conscientious tone, like family, history, the racist roots of gun control, and more. It’s the “Responsible Gun Owners Podcast.”itunes


“One of the best gun podcast on the ‘net.”

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