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Rule 2 + Rule 4 = Rule 6?

From contributing blogger – JJ Pewers http://jjpewers.blogspot.com Rule Two – the obvious rule When discussing the firearm safety rules, one of the most basic principles that we as gun owners follow is to: 2. Never point a firearm at something you don’t intend to kill or destroy. This is only common sense. This is probably the …

That New Gun Smell

There’s nothing like buying your very first handgun for conceal carry. A close friend and I were just reminiscing about when we first became proud concealed carry owners. We didn’t know how involved the purchasing process was because there were so many different products on the market. And today there are even more options than …

Do You Remember Your First Time?

Introducing a new contributor to the blog, Ray Alan Price. and I want to invite all new and existing gun owners to this blog where I will provide helpful tips and safe handling advice for first time gun owners. I will also share my experiences in gun ownership. I have been safely shooting recreationally for over a decade. I have been on my high school’s rifle team where I learned the basics and fundamentals of shooting.