aka The Black Man With A Gun ™

I have done some great things in my lifetime but I want to help just one more person not to give in to the battle within. I am creating a positive, encouraging and thought provoking podcast powered by the mantra of Cpl Desmond Doss,

“Lord, let me get just one more.”

It will and can be found at http://kennspodcast.com.

I know the world doesn’t like positive stuff so I ameliorated the choice of the title to turn the negative into a positive. I am hoping it works. I just want to save one more. I’ve been in many situations where friends called on me to help them, listen to them, and convince them to continue. I’m focusing that energy, that history, those experiences to get just one more. I know I could be doing a lot of other things but I feel I am called to this.

Dealing with the transitions of life. Here’s a guy that is going to tell it to you straight, without hype, safe for work, and nonjudgmental. He’s an ordained Christian pastor that keeps it true and can keep your secrets. The former US Marine has been a federal police officer, a CIA analyst, has lived overseas, survived parties, the women, still into motorcycles, cigars, guns, and the outdoors, and is here for you to encourage you and share wisdom. He has gone through separation, divorce, infidelity, bankruptcy, new homes, job stresses, family drama, and now has been married for 30 years.

Welcome to an unconventional podcast aimed to help you wherever you are. No matter what you are going through he will understand.

There’s a good chance I’ve experienced it, got beat down for it, and found my way out of it. This show wants to help you survive another week.

1 in 5 people think about suicide at some point in their lives. If you are a survivor or if you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.

Check out these podcast:  Black Man With A Gun Show ,  Speak Life church , and  Indian Motorcycle radio  The Books, Kenn has written.


Reverend Kenn Blanchard is a USMC veteran, ordained pastor and podcaster that began this journey as a federal police officer and firearms trainer. In 1991, he began teaching security and qualifying, civilians and law enforcement officers for armed duties. In 1992, he became a gun rights activist. He has lobbied and testified before the United States Congress, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland for an individual’s right to self-defense. He has served on the Urban Affairs and Training committees of the NRA in the past. He created and founded a national shooting club for African Americans called the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club.
In 1999 he became known as the Black Man With A Gun after publishing his first book and launching this website in 2000. He has since copyrighted the phrase. After discovering podcasting in 2007, he created the Urban Shooter / Black Man With A Gun Podcast to be able to reach people he has met as an activist and encourage them to stay in the fight for freedom.

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