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Having Children in 2020

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The chances of having a child increase when a man and woman have sexual intercourse. Previous personal history, health, age or economic status often doesn’t matter.  If sperm fertilizes egg, there is a good chance a baby will be produced.  We are created for procreation. Most of the men I know didn’t know what kind of father they would be.  Some want a lot of kids.  Some want only one.  Some wonder if they will be good enough.  Some wonder if they can afford it.   It is a common thought to not have children in this day in age.  It has always crazy.  It has always been bad.  It is always a turbulent time.  Kids are born anyway every day. That is the way of the world.

Ready or not.   Aside from any of that, what do you do after they arrive.  it doesn’t matter if you are married or not for the biology to occur.  Your social status, ethnicity, race, or age doesn’t matter as it relates to if it will happen.  What do you do after the baby is born?  You have to adjust.  You have to adapt.  You have to change your plans.  Children are a game changer.   Marriage, which, when done right really helps you raise a good child is not in vogue, not popular and not understood.  Do you realize how easier it is to raise a healthy, happy child in a loving home, with shared values, incomes, and goals?  Do you realize how great it is not to struggle mentally, physically and spiritually as some do?  Marriage is not the answer for everyone but it is not what folks are doing these days that we call marriage either.   Marriage is not the magic pill.

You must be mature. You must be close to the same page.  You must communicate.  You must want to grow.   And on top of it all there are people that use children to live.  They use welfare like a career path.  They have them so they will be supported financially by the state or you for the rest of their lives. There are those that think all they want is the child they don’t want you.  They like your genes.  You are reduced to being a sperm donor.  You’ll make a pretty baby, they think.    One of the truly crazy things in today’s culture is that crazy behavior is supported.  You will find groups and organizations that promote and give advice to behavior that is detrimental to a child.     But let’s say, no matter what your situation is, you are father.  How do you become a dad?  In my humble opinion, you have to change your priorities.  You have shown love.  And before I lose you, if I haven’t already, I’m talking about sacrificial love.  The love that takes over your life so that you would give your life for your child. You child didn’t ask to be here.  It can be raised by the state.  It can be raised in brothel, crack house, or the streets.  The only reason and the only way your child will make it is if you protect it, love it, nurture it, teach it, feed it, all of that.    OK lets back up.

 The kid has been born, the mother is a psycho chick with a nice body.  it was a one night stand, or a repeat offense cause it was that good, she is not someone you thought would be a good mother but… or she belongs to another, was married, separated and … there are a million scenarios   if you don’t have children right now, and you are listening, allow me to help you understand the importance of contraception, the importance of abstinence, the case for waiting, the case for being smarter than your penis, deciding not to take the hot chick to bed immediately as if her expiration date was fast approaching.   the case for marriage, the case for planning because the alternative is to be a single father, dealing with a woman that doesn’t want anything to do with you except your child support.

Another child getting lost in the system, thinking her father doesn’t love her.  thinking all men must be like that guy….   But my guest this week, is a humble guy, a good man I met at work.  He just recently became a father, since I’ve known him and from the outside looking in, is doing damn good at it.  His name is Gardner Douglas. He is an Army vet.  He is an entrepreneur and a podcaster.  And he is the second guest on Kenn Blanchard’s’ Game Changers Podcast.

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Reverend Kenn Blanchard is a USMC veteran, ordained pastor and podcaster that began this journey as a federal police officer and firearms trainer. In 1991, he began teaching security and qualifying, civilians and law enforcement officers for armed duties. In 1992, he became a gun rights activist. He has lobbied and testified before the United States Congress, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland for an individual’s right to self-defense. He has served on the Urban Affairs and Training committees of the NRA in the past. He created and founded a national shooting club for African Americans called the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club.
In 1999 he became known as the Black Man With A Gun after publishing his first book and launching this website in 2000. He has since copyrighted the phrase. After discovering podcasting in 2007, he created the Urban Shooter / Black Man With A Gun Podcast to be able to reach people he has met as an activist and encourage them to stay in the fight for freedom.

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