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Let’s be honest…the ol’ gal was kind of on her last legs anyway, but it’s beginning to look like the hordes of anarchist rioters burning America’s cities may just have delivered the coup de grace to the gun ban movement. Let me explain…


What I mean when I say, “gun control is dead” is that popular support for gun control has been effectively killed off. The convergence this spring and summer of a pandemic virus and now violent riots in our cities seems to have done a pretty fair job of finishing off the ideas that “you don’t need a gun,” and “only the police should have guns,” and “the police will protect you.”

A quick browse of Twitter last night revealed numerous posts by people announcing that they are done with the idea that being without teeth and claws makes them anything other than prey. And they don’t want to be prey. If you look around, you can find plenty of similar sentiment out there on social media and other opinion outlets. While it isn’t scientific, it isn’t my imagination, either.

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I believe that this year’s events (and we’re not even halfway done) have awakened a lot of people to a concept that many of us in the community of gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters have understood for a long time…

Korean shop owners during the 1992 LA riots.


No matter what you have been told, there are multiple court cases which have set the precedent that the police have no legal obligation to protect you. And legal obligation aside, it isn’t even possible for the police to arrive at your emergency before you do. Most of the time, most cops will do their absolute best…even risk their own lives…to come to your aid. But most of the time isn’t all of the time, and if you want a guarantee that someone will be there to defend your life at all times, the safest bet is on yourself. I think current events have caused a many of Americans to see this more clearly than ever; the mask is off all of the gun control lies which have been told for decades.

There are obviously very good reasons to have an AR-15.

There are good reasons to have magazines which hold a lot of ammunition.

There are reasons that waiting periods and “may issue” permits and background checks are harmful.


There are reasons you should not be dependent on another to come rescue you.


So while the gun ban lobby won’t abandon their efforts to disarm everyday Americans (and we’ll keep fighting them), I think the events of the last few months have cemented their eventual failure, because those everyday Americans have now been awakened to the truth. Guns save lives, and the freedom to own guns is a very real and important right. As a serious idea, gun control in America is dead. Good riddance.


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