Don’t Conceal Carry Your Compassion

As the pastor of patriots, I get some good insight into what some Americans are thinking about.  One of the listeners of the Urban Shooter Podcast had some concerns that inspired me to post this.

King Solomon said that there was a time for everything.

a time to weep and a time to laugh,

a time to mourn and a time to dance,

One of the things pro gun folks don’t do well is demonstrating how much we care for our communities after a tragedy.  When we prefer to portray ourselves as tough guys and as a result lose ground.  There is a time to show that you are not all Break Free and Brass brushes.  There is a time not to open carry, and not to rub your neighbors face in the poop that your family is secure, whole and responsible.  This is not the time not to wear your “Kill them all, and let God sort them out” t-shirts, tactical pants and “Boonie” hats.  There is a time when showing your heritage with the Southern Cross is not appropriate.  We live in an age of symbols.  You can use this time to be a symbol of a good neighbor.  There is a right and a wrong time for everything.

If you have any compassion for your fellow man, and I know you do, now is a good time to show it.  Many people will not see how the nonviolence movement the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. copied from Gandhi can be applied to supporters of Second Amendment right now.  You might not want to waste your time trying to explain it now.  Many of us don’t quite understand it.  You can’t talk philosophically with a person that is starving physically or intellectually.

The tragedy in Tucson, Arizona isn’t the first time, a mentally ill person has taken the life and wounded innocent people but at the moment to some people it is.  They are searching for solutions to problems of the human condition.  They won’t hear the facts you want to pontificate on through tears.  Instead, use your strong shoulders to comfort.  Use your strength to lead in prayer and consolation, don’t conceal your compassion.

And if you are in the presence of people, family, and friends that are not gun owners, you will hear their sorrow, confusion, and pain as they look for answers.  You might even wonder if there is something more that we can do as Second Amendment people.  Don’t beat yourself up for being empathetic.  You are not selling out.  You are being a good citizen.  Caring is good.  I know you know this so this is just a reminder:

You know that there are over 40,000 gun control laws already on the books and none of them prevented what happened in Tucson.  You know that after the law of “thou shalt not murder” anything we come up with is redundant.  You know that the mentally ill are already prohibited from purchasing a firearm.  You know that even in the year 2011, you can’t control the evil that men do.  You know that no law ever prevented a crime.  You know that evil continues when good people do nothing.  You know that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.  You know that freedom isn’t free.  You know that firearms are already one of the most controlled and regulated mechanical devices in the United States.  You know this is not a perfect world.  You know it’s not about guns it’s about freedom.

I would like to see more pro gun groups leading the charge to comfort the grieving.  Volunteer to be the pall bearers, and shepherd the lost.  You know we can win more friends by being compassionate than sanctimonious?

As gun owners and supporters of freedom we are the sheepdogs in the herd.  We are the shepherds.  We are the law abiding, responsible and compassionate members of our society.  Soften the rhetoric.  Tone down the “rah rah” speeches.  I know you care, so get out and show it.  You can win the undecided to our side more easily by being gentle than with perceived callousness to the current situation.

There is a time for everything.

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2 responses to “Don’t Conceal Carry Your Compassion”

  1. Thanks, I needed to be reminded…………again.

  2. The best place to show compassion is in supporting poverty reduction and inclusion of everyone regardless of disagreements and outright objection to past baggage we all carry. It may sound too far off base but its really not when you think about the good we can all do if we focus on making sure safety and security rank high on everybody’s to do list.