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Laugh More Heal More

Laugh More Heal More

We’ve all heard the old adage that Laughter Is The Best Medicine, but how many of us take this natural prescription regularly?

Things haven’t seemed very funny lately.

Why’s everybody got to be so serious?

In today’s world, even professional comedians can’t laugh at themselves without being called out for being insensitive to someone’s feelings. ​We humans are taught to believe that we are all very different from one another, but there is scientific evidence that shows that collective human DNA is 99.9% identical. That’s not what you hear from the mail in ancestry kits, is it?

This fact is not meant to diminish or take away from our individual and family history. We are who we are based on our parents, and their parents, and so on. Some of us have straight hair and wish we had curls, just like some of us are tall and slim while wishing we were petite and curvy. Our skin may be pink and ruddy, or warm like cocoa. These are factors that are out of our control, but they are ours, and if you’re blessed with parents who loved each other, your traits are genetic gifts of love. If we look at ourselves and devalue what we see, based on what society tells us we should see, we will never be happy. Maybe if we begin to accept that we really all are quite similar, then just maybe we can start honoring not only ourselves, but also accepting each other.

In the southern neighborhood where I grew up, where everyone’s skin tone varied, we all played together anyway. Skin color was a non issue. What did matter though, was how good you could make mud pies, explore the woods, and ride a bike. Many lifetime friendships were formed in my community.

As someone who appreciates wise words of wisdom, my grandmother once said to me,

“You must learn about where someone comes from in order to understand how to walk with them.”

At the time, I didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of that statement, but recently I’ve come to realize what she meant.

What if we encourage each other to not only walk together physically, but proverably? How could that change us, and the world in which we live? Before we can fully grasp where we are in this country today, we must first take a hard look at the history of how we, the human race, have treated each other.

When people are taught only one way to do things, it’s not easy to adapt to a different way. It often takes time, and a different skill set to do things a new way. Most of us don’t want to do that. We like to do things the way we like to do things. Look how long it took us to get beyond the tea cupping grip in shooting. Heck, people are still teaching something that gives no support or stability to a shot. Those who don’t step outside of the tea cupping box will never know if their control or accuracy will improve. But if it did improve, that could open a whole new world.

In order for us to successfully work together as a team, there are certain elements that have to be in place, such as kindness, empathy, and mutual respect. Why is it that we can do this to make our salary paying jobs flow, but not when we step out of that arena?

Perhaps if we seriously look inward and examine what is stopping us from being able to step outside of our world, and what we hold closely, we could see the 30,000 foot view. Who knows, We just might find some like minded people on the outside of our tea cupping box to walk with.

Wouldn’t it be cool If we were the conduit to bringing some of the much needed healing that needs to happen in our broken world.

By bringing unity in the 2A community, We all are the sum of our parts.

Being a catalyst for positive change requires us to use our time, GOD given talents and energy to move forward. There’s a lot of people right now who are frightened, hurting, and worried about so much. We may be one of them, but I truly believe that the key to healing begins by listening with both our hearts and ears. It is then, that GOD’S grace will be revealed to us, and the message will be loud and clear. Be the positive change.

We need to return to One Nation Under God.

We need to return to One Nation Under God.

What do I think we need to get back on track as a country?

We need to return to One Nation Under God.

In God’s eyes, each soul is equal. How well do we demonstrate that in our daily interactions? 

Having worked as a journalist, I learned a few truths. Media sells more advertising when people are afraid. If it bleeds, it leads. Bad news travels farther and faster than good news. There are economic and personal benefits for twisting news to the negative. 

God is Love.

After reading most news stories, do you feel more love in your heart? Love brings us together.

Or do these stories make you fearful, angry, upset, worried? These emotions drive us apart. The problem here is this mind-state make us suspicious of others. When we don’t trust people, it’s easier for us to support regulations to control them.

Here’s a spiritual truth: If I take away your freedom, I lose mine, too. If you sow oppression and hate, you live it. You may feel like you’re on top today, but the wheel of life turns, and eventually it runs over you. Living from the viewpoint of suspicion and mistrust, nobody is ever a true friend; they’re just biding their time to do unto you as you did unto others: Lonely, fearful times for all.

Back to Love.

Jesus said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” Why? Because God already loves us. We exist because God loves us. Giving back to God what has already been given us completes a circuit, if I may use that analogy.

Then Jesus said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” How can you know what that means if you don’t love God? Or if you don’t love yourself? Of course, we’re not talking about narcissism, which isn’t self-love but a need to fill an unfillable hole within. When we give love, God pours more love into us, filling us.

The love I talk about here is called Charity in the King James Bible, not the warm love we feel for our family. Feeling that way towards everybody could burn us out. Charity

“is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up.”

Kindness, contentment, humility are key attributes of one who gives charitable love to others.

Have you watched a person who is giving and caring, and think, “that’s a good person”? Be that person. That’s what makes your life, your family, your community, and America great. WE do that, not elected officials, not government agencies. Attain spiritual freedom for yourself, then work to help others win it, too. 

A New Hope

A New Hope

When Kenn Blanchard asked me to write briefly about what this country needs to get back on track, I said sure.  No problem.  And I started thinking about reopening and business stimulus plans that don’t further inflate our national debt.  Simple enough.  But then riots started in all the major cities.  Businesses large and small, owned by people of every race… indiscriminately ransacked and put to the torch so completely it would be shocking to even 10th century Vikings.  

All the sudden my contribution agreement became really complicated.

Or so I thought at first.  Because when I looked into myself, deep down to how I truly felt about our nation and the answer rang out to me like a clear bell.   What this nation needs is love.  We need, as a nation is an outpouring of love and understanding.  We need to look past all the boundary lines that society and the media have put down on us to keep us divided.  We have Racial lines.  We have Class lines.  We have these arbitrary socio-economic lines.  And we have lines that mark different geo-political boundaries that we have allowed to define us as who we are individually and as a people.   You have been categorized and filed and regardless of your opinions or feelings, that’s the identity card you have been dealt.

It’s easy to just pick up a flag and give it a few waves and exclaim that we are all “Americans”.  Unless you are not and are thus not a part of this particular group, and thus are not in this box.  No… That doesn’t work here.  We need to look past that too.   We need to look at each other simply as fellow humans.  As people.  As brothers and sisters.   

While we may have different opinions on things, we need to look at them first and accept that that person has a different point of view and that opinion is to them just as valid as yours is to you.  Every coin has two sides and just declaring that one side is right and the other wrong is accepting a division line that caused so much grief in our world.  What about the road that person has traveled and all his or her experience that brought them to that opinion?  Look of the phrase about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.   If you do that, you might come to understand how that person sees their situation and can then appreciate why they feel the way they feel.  This is the start of a civil and reasonable conversation.  

Once we see those others as people too, we can then understand their needs.  We can respect them as a person instead of the other side.  And then a remarkable thing can happen.  You can work together.  This sounds like a lot of fluff considering what’s happening out there.  A lot of hippie peace and beads waving.  But look at what’s happening again.  I am seeing a whole lot of people who feel so disenfranchised with things that their only recourse is to protest.  To lash out.

This is how far we have slipped.  To have allowed ourselves to become so segmented and divided that we are physically attacking each other.  And the results of this are heart wrenching to the point that it makes me feel sick to my stomach.  

We need to come together as a people.  United not for any cause… not for the sake of any division line.  But for our own sakes.  We need a national outpouring of love and charity for each other.  

Once we have that… Everything else will fall into place and we can rebuild our nation under the ideals that founded it.  Life and Liberty.

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