Black Man With a Gun


In 1986, I created African American Arms and Instruction, Inc. a firearms training business.  In 1991, I began as a gun rights activist.  I started the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club.  I worked with National Rifle Association (NRA) Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) and many state groups to change concealed carry laws nationally.  I traveled and testified before State houses in Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Maryland.

I was featured in four documentaries and was celebrated for bringing the Eddie Eagle Child Safety program to a large number of people in Washington, DC.  I was a reviewer of the Refuse to Be a Victim program and received the Harlon Carter Award for Civil Rights Activism by the NRA.  The Tenth Cavalry Gun Club was the first group brought into the new NRA Range in Fairfax, VA.


In 1999, I published Black Man with A Gun; A Responsible Gun Owners Guide for African Americans.  With the help of good friends, we created the Black Man with A Gun website at a time of AOL 1.0, and fax modems.  The title pays homage to the first and only book about guns and black people I saw when I started called Negroes and Guns by Robert F. Williams. 

In 2001, I moved into protective security, private investigation and Christian ministry.

In 2007, I discovered podcasting and created the Urban Shooter Podcast.  The name of the show has changed a few times but is now the Black Man with A Gun Show

In 2014, I updated my first book and call the new one Black Man with A Gun: Reloaded published by White Feather Press.


In 2019 we will have our 600th episode.  The podcast has had over 2 million downloads.  It has about regular 3400 subscribers and boast its own app. 

Today, I use the show to encourage gun owners, share history and common sense in the controversial and evergreen subjects of gun control.  Gun rights is filled with passionate people on both sides of the argument.  Sometimes we forget to be civil or think we are the first to tackle this problem.  I’m here to remind people that this is about our freedom, our life and America.  I share insight of one that has been on the inside of the community and seen the contenders and the pretenders.  Self-defense, fun, competition, collecting and hunting are the reasons we are in this community.  Gun ownership doesn’t equal murder.  The basis for gun control is based on racist origins.  Visit the Site.