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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun Review – Pal Enabled

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun Review – Pal Enabled

In this article, we have covered pretty much everything on planet eclipse Etha 2 paintball marker. If you think we have missed any details, we will be happy to hear it in the comment section.


Item weight: 2.198 pounds

Length x height x width: 21.85 x 8.5 x 1.535 inches

Hose-less air transfer

Lightweight and durable body made from nylon

1000+ shots at 4000 PSI pressure

Almost zero jams while shooting

Tool-less grip assembly and disassembly

Super upgradable

Gamma core spool valve system

2 piece 14.5” barrel

Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush of a good paintball game. Perhaps the greatest thrilling outdoor sport in the world. I am saying that because it allows you to act like a soldier by using amazing paintball guns which are fun to shoot.

Most paintball players including me collect paintball markers. Paintball enthusiasts do.

A quality marker is your best friend on the field and most pro guys understand how crucial it is to purchase a durable and reliable marker.

Today, I am reviewing one of the lightest, durable, accurate, cheapest, and reliable paintball guns available in the market.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is not only for beginners, but pros are also using it in tournaments and scenario games.


Let dive into the review:


Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is the second-generation gun in the Etha series. It is an updated model with a lot of cool features.

The best paintball gun is one that never jams on the field, is lightweight and durable, which never affects playing style, and fires with accuracy.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 fulfills all the above-mentioned factors and it comes at an affordable price tag compared to other high-end markers.

You can study those high-end markers on this website

Etha 2 weighs fractions above 2 pounds which is appreciative because you will attach a paintball loader, tank to the marker which makes it heavy.

So a lightweight gun doesn’t put much pressure on the shoulders and arms.

Paintball games can be last for an entire day. Lightweight gear is always preferred.

The main feature of Planet Eclipse Etha 2:

  • The ergonomics of Etha 2 are user-friendly. You won’t feel any strain or tension while carrying and shooting this marker. Overall, it is comfortable to carry around.
  • The POP ASA can be switched ON/OFF which makes it easy to disconnect the empty air tank. It makes the task much easier than other markers in the same price tag.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of this marker are also easy.
  • There is no complicated part that you have to access after disassembling the marker, it is just neat and clean. Each part that you have to clean is easily accessible.
  • So this model comes without any 80 pipe/hose. It makes it much cleaner and neater in terms of design.
  • To release the pressure after screwing the tank at the bottom of the rear grip, press the big silver button and the air is ON to shoot. Press it again, air will be OFF.
  • There are no screws on the grip anymore. Just manipulate few tabs to open the grip.
  • Spacing between both grips is big enough to hold and shoot quite comfortably.
  • The regulator has multiple velocity adjustments. Manipulate it according to the game type.
  • The battery will be inserted in the front grip. Again, there are no screws to access it.
  • With the help of a spring return bolt system, shooting performance has been significantly improved.
  • Etha 2 is air efficient. It doesn’t consume a lot of compressed air while shooting.
  • Etha 2 can easily shoot 15 – 16 balls per second when it is on semi-auto mode.
  • The shooting mechanism doesn’t chop or break the paint much.


The material being used in the manufacturing:

High-grade composite nylon is being used to manufacture the exterior of the ETHA 2 to make sure the body won’t deteriorate, deform, or break during rolling, diving, and sliding.

Aluminum is being used to manufacture the internal parts. Aluminum is non-corrosive, strong, and durable. Overall, the manufacturing is top-notch.

Gamma core bolt:

Gamma core bolt engine is the main selling point of this marker. The older version was using spring assembly.

This second-generation etha 2 has gotten rid of that old-school shooting mechanism.

The sole purpose of the gamma core is to provide flawless shooting and non-jamming in any condition. There is no electronic adjustment anymore.

Gamma core is using breech sensing technology with a pneumatically latching spool.

It means the bolt will use the perfect amount of air required to shoot the paint. No wastage of air at all. Such an efficient engine.

Pal Enabling System:

Using the breech pressure form pal enabled marker, the direct agitation of the paintball hopper is possible. It means you don’t need to shake the gun to run the pain through the marker.

During the shooting, the backpressure created by the bolt will be funneled up through the feed neck.

The feed neck of the newer version of planet eclipse etha 2 is slightly wider, and that is where the pal system sits.

Feed neck has a small pushrod installed. As the bolt shoots, it forces some of the air to go through the feed neck, and that is exactly where this small push rod is installed.

The pressure of the air causes the rod to jump up and it pushed the button on the loader.

The button causes the loader drivetrain to agitate and paintballs fall freely to through the feed neck. Hence, free agitation using the backpressure.

There is a small hole drilled right through the feed neck’s body where this rod sits.

This system is incredibly efficient. There is no need for an electronic loader of batteries to run the paint through the marker.

This also saves us from the continuous shaking of the maker to run the paint. Now the shooting of paint is much easier and efficient with this budget-friendly marker.


Lightweight and durable

Air efficient

Accurate shooting

Easy to clean


Pal enabled system

Beginner to intermediate friendly

Rarely jams

Excellent value for money


Final verdict

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is one of the best mid-range priced paintball guns in the market with its super accurate shooting, and comfortable handling.

The pal-enabled version of the Etha 2 makes it air-efficient and more reliable. The gun was already comfortable and easy to handle, but the improvements in the latest version made it more compelling.

People use this marker for home defense as well.

I am recommending this little beauty to every paintball enthusiast.




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