Small Talk For Success

Small Talk For Success

Small Talk For Success

In this 24 minute podcast episode you’ll hear how to communicate better with your spouse. I got a chance to ask a single woman what is lacking today with relationships. This show will help you start small talk. There are tips for speaking in small groups. How to communicate for intimacy. How to start a conversation with a stranger. It could be the push you need to do better at work. The key words here are open ended questions and active listening. Learn these for the win. Subscribe to this podcast.

Why is Communication so hard? 

Asked of a single woman I know. The topic prompted me to share this with you so you can do better.

Two Game Changing Points:

1. An open-ended question is a question that cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no” response, or with a static response.
2. Active listening.
There are three levels of safe topics to talk about.

More tips:

* Be attentive and give eye contact.
* Make active and engaged expressions.
* Repeat back what you’ve heard, and follow up with questions.
* If you notice something you want to say, don’t say it. Challenge it and go back to listening.
* For bonus points, wait an hour to bring up that thing you didn’t say earlier.

Communicate for intimacy.

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