How to Get UnStuck

How to Get UnStuck

The first step in getting unstuck is to recognize that you are stuck.  It happens to us all.  The worse thing feeling in the world is when you think it is just you and you don’t know your why or your how. There are many reasons we get discouraged and lose our motivation.

It can happen at any age or stage of life. Do you still dream?

Dreams are what fuel us. When we don’t have any daily motivation to drive us, we become bored or worse. Once we become stagnant, we get regretful.  We get angry.  We get stuck.  You could be incredibly talented, have the best contacts, and have a ton of experience, but they aren’t going to do you any good if you aren’t using them. One of the things I want to introduce on this podcast and blog is to occasionally introduce to some something you have heard of but may have never tried.

One of the ways you can stay active mentally, stay fresh is to learn and try new things.

Some of us are struggling with the feeling of being overwhelmed.  You re doing things without a purpose or a end game.  Stop and see where your current path is going to take you when you reach it.  We struggle with this issue because we know we are supposed to do something, but the what has us puzzled.  When your life is out of focus, your internal engine shuts down.  You lose your mojo.  You stop caring.

The longer you put something off, the harder it is to get it done? That’s because inaction fuels procrastination. It comes down to the way our minds work. Our minds aren’t designed to coast.

You will miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. 

Over time, all of us lose our desire to try new things.  Over time we become complacent and fearful of failure.  Over time we become stagnant.  Even fresh water starts to stink after a while if it just sits there. Once we become stagnant, we get regretful.  We get angry.  We get stuck.  You could be incredibly talented, have the best contacts, and have a ton of experience, but they aren’t going to do you any good if you aren’t using them.

We live in the greatest time in human history.  You can take your talent or the gift you are blessed with to do anything.  You can choose to stay or move out of your current condition. We lack the motivation to do more than just exist.  Without motivation, your talent is useless.

We still fall short of living our best lives in a time of plenty.  We still are plagued personally by arrogance, greed, lust, envy, over-indulgence, aggression and laziness.  That laziness is some of the cause of our misery. For too many of us we have so much that we do nothing.

There is no fast fix.  We gradually got stuck so you have to work with the same persistence to get out. You need to clarify your priorities.  You can start by focusing on where you want to go, who you want to be, and what gets you excited.

Think about where you are.  Pick a small goal that is achievable and move.  You want something that you can do now to get started.  Take advantage of your energy and excitement and use it to propel you forward one step at a time.

No one likes rejection.  To succeed you must see rejection as an opportunity to learn, adjust, and improve.  The stuff we can do easily is rarely appreciated by us.  To grow you have to stress or push that muscle.  Past failures, disappointments, and losses can be really hard to deal with.  They can be reminders instead of motivators.  Those reminders come from others that have pushed through.  This is when being around positive, successful and others like you helps.

Don’t settle for low hanging fruit.  Stretch yourself.  There will always be risk involved when you’re going for something big.  This has been my personal issue most of my life.  I achieve my goals only to realize it was too small.

When we notice we are stuck, it is often at a crisis point.

On my first YouTube Video for the show my guest is a dynamic guy that is a fighter, fitness trainer, author, actor, entrepreneur, husband, father and friend. On this weeks’ podcast interview you can hear us as well as see us in the video.

Listen in to this great man and I talk about mindset and his life.

Mr. Luther Smith is a born native of Alexandria, Louisiana, but was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina now living in the Baltimore Maryland area. Luther Smith is a proud Army veteran, having held the title of E6/Staff Sergeant and serving his country for more than thirteen years. Even after completing his tour of duty, Luther continued to support his country by becoming a Federal Contractor serving the DOD community for seven years.

Luther is a strong believer in hard work and is dedicated to serving and uplifting others. He is a delighted father and dad of five kids, two sons and three daughters, as well as a loving and devoted husband. As a proud father, Luther loves spending quality time with his children. Taking his son to Jujitsu training was one of his regular Saturday outings, and a great time for quality bonding. In fact, it was during one of these Saturdays Luther decided to take kickboxing classes too in order to practice the art and techniques of martial arts alongside his son. What started out as classes to support his son led into a successful career of Boxing.

Mr. Luther Smith is now the proud owner of I FIGHT FOR IT LLC, a small Veteran owned company, focusing on the empowerment and support of entrepreneurial mind frame as well as combat sports and life motivation.

In a few short years, Luther has already made huge strides in Combat Sports. Luther also is the owner of his own gym I.F.F.I. Boxing Fitness in Upper Marlboro MD in which he only does one on ones with clients to give them the personal attention they deserve.

 ACCOLADES: PRO BOXING RECORD: 2015 – Current (11-5-0 *9KO’s*)
 Amateur Career: Represented the United States in Tuscany Italy at the WKA Worlds Tournament 3x Champion, Silver and Bronze WKA Worlds Medalist 2014 WKA Silver and Bronze World Medalist 2014 WKA North American Kickboxing Champion 2014 Revolution Fight Series Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion 2013 Jeter Promotions Maryland State Boxing Heavyweight Champion

ACTING: Lead role in FOR MY WOMAN EPISODE 4 season 2 “Under her Spell”
Extra on Creed 2

 PERSONAL TRAINER: Trains and motivate clientele in the kick boxing and boxing discipline of martial arts. Have worked with and trained NBA players as well as staff from the Governor of Maryland’s office. Focuses heavily on the anti bullying and confidence raising of youth as well as some adults.

AUTHOR: Luther also has authored what he calls a “short read” book entitled The Power of Can “Stop Running from Success” and plans to write a few more in the future. The book is available on all digital book outlets and stores.

 3 P’s Of A Bully Buster (available in digital form only via Amazon Kindle   You can also purchase some of Luther’s gear by visiting his online store.

Luther Smith:

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Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face – Mike Tyson

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