Its A Wonderful Life

Its A Wonderful Life

I caught the entrepreneurial bug early but have not been able to make a living from my endeavors. I have done amazing things. I have tried just about everything in my niches. I learned a lot. One of the most important things is that not all niches are profitable. I am passionate about business. If it weren’t for my love of the outdoors, motorcycles and blues music I would be on my computer 24/7 trying to do something to further my business.

My wife calls me

the most famous broke guy in America

I preached on the National Day of Prayer at the CIA. I have protected people my whole life. I’ve been an law enforcement officer, protective agent, and intelligence officer.

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;— 1 Timothy 1:12

I was licensed to preach at Mount Sinai Baptist Church in 2001. This was ten days before 9/11. I was ordained as a Baptist minister in 2007. I was called as the pastor of Historic Berean Baptist Church in 2008 where I served there faithfully for five years. I now pastor the Speak Life Church, Inc.

I’ve been married to the same person since 1991 and have two adult children doing well.

I’ve spoken at a rally in New York with 20,000 friends cheering me on. I’ve been on African television, CNN, Fox News, local news, and so many media outlets, I can’t remember them all.

I have sold six oil paintings. I’ve published five books. The links are on this site. Here are some of the links to articles I have published.




I have traveled to over a dozen countries and have a great appreciation for life, and liberty.

What does all this mean? What’s the point of this post.  To me, it is a reminder what Socrates said.

“An un-examined life is not worth living”

I’m writing this to remember the past so I can continue on.

I have a few rules.

Rule #1- Everything we do is equal.

The size of your obstacle, challenge, or the length of your journey all begin with one step.


Rule #2- We all need a lot of small victories before your finish.

If you are stranded on an island and were able to make a raft that floated that is a big deal. The second is making sure it could sustain your trip for a few days at sea. Next that you could actually get it into the big surf. Everything is steps. The keys to success here are patience, and perseverance.


Rule #3- Failure is not final.

We can be really hard on ourselves when we fail on the first attempt. I am. I am learning it is actually good to fail fast, and start again. Sometimes your data is wrong, your map is out of date, or your destination needs to change. It’s ok. It’s not over until you give up your last breath. Every day you get up is a new chance to get it right. Almost all the great inventions and machines of our day took years either to be invented or accepted. You might just be too early. If so, be patient with yourself.


Rule #4 – Keep Going


Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.– Dorothy Thompson


Check out these podcast:  Black Man With A Gun Show ,  Speak Life church , and  Indian Motorcycle radio  The Books, Kenn has written.

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  1. Rev Kenn, that is a wonderful testament to the things you have accomplished in your life, to date. You are driven if nothing else. And that is like turning a key to start a car. A person needs that drive to start and to keep going. Thank you for sharing this.

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