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How to Ban Private Gun Ownership in America

How to Ban Private Gun Ownership in America

It can be done. You just can’t do it in one fell swoop. You must do it in steps.

You take the first step in 1934 by making some kinds of guns bad, requiring them to be registered with the government and levying a special tax on them. This is to establish the idea that while some guns are OK, other guns are bad. This will be handy later on.

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You take the next step in 1968. You pass laws adding more restrictions on gun ownership and sales, most notably establishing the requirement of a government-issued license for a business to sell guns. This will be handy later on.

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Your next step is in 1993, when you pass a law creating certain classes of citizens who are prohibited from possessing guns, as well as adding a requirement that licensed dealers (created in 1968) run each prospective purchaser through an FBI background check before selling them a gun. This will be handy later on.

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It is now “later on.” It is 2019, and none of this has had any impact on criminal gun ownership. Although that is not the true objective, you point this out and insist that we must take yet another step.

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House Judiciary Committee advances HR 8 to markup.

So far you have managed to outlaw certain types of guns and certain types of gun owners, and to require that sales from licensed dealers obtain government permission before proceeding. The problem is that citizens are still allowed to transfer (some) guns to each other without the participation of a licensed dealer (1968) or a background check (1993).

This next step is to pass laws requiring “universal background checks.” (2019) This will now close the loop and ensure that no guns of any type (good or bad) are transferred to any citizen (good or bad) without government permission. And although some would say this is a “good first step,” they are now only two moves away from the end game.

From AWR Hawkins at Breitbart News.

The next step is to point out that “universal background checks” have been ineffective in reducing crime (though they were not intended to reduce crime) since you don’t know who in America owns all the guns. You can’t tell if people are complying with the background check law without gun registration. So you pass that law…to “close the loophole”…and now you have everything you need. All the pieces are in position to take the final step and eliminate private gun ownership in America…at least by law abiding citizens.


Let’s review:

We have established that some guns are bad, and the government decides what those are. (1934)

We have decided that some people are bad and prohibited from gun ownership, and the government decides who they are. (1993)

We require government permission to obtain a gun. (2019?)

The government has a list of guns and gun owners. (?)

Remember, every time they pass another law, it is referred to as a “good first step”…right before the next one.



The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.  Luke 4:18-19  (KJV)


If you feel as if you didn’t preach you would bust, read on.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is larger than the four walls of your church.  It was not designed to hindered by well meaning “boards,” Trustees and Elders that have “always done it this way.”  The Lord led me to podcasting and I discovered a way to reach people without leaving my house.

Jesus was the best communicator ever.  His precepts are still going viral. As His ministers, yours need to also.

If you were called by God to share the Gospel or communicate the Gospel News of Jesus Christ, there is no better platform than podcasting.

Jesus didn’t just teach in “church”.  He taught outside, all over Galilee. The Sermon on the Mount is probably the most famous outdoor classroom. Whether speaking to thousands of followers or sharing a quiet setting with just a few people, his instruction was on point, and personal.

If you want your congregation to know your heart; talk to them through your new podcast  You want them to see your vision?  You want to give them a hint of where you want the church to go, allow them to hear it not only on Sunday morning but on the way to work, while on the treadmill or watching the kids at home.

I have seen too many pastors miss their blessing of connecting to the members chasing after everything else.  You above anyone else knows what really matters.  You know who is accountable to for what you do or don’t’ do with the “talents” you have been given.

I believe the world is messed up because the Gospel is not going out.  Too many of those called by God are not really going anywhere.  We have become trapped in a system.  If you agree you can get you back on track.

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Why You Need A Website (for your podcast)

Why You Need A Website (for your podcast)

You have dreams. You are talented. And you may be in a bucket of crabs pulling you down mentally and spiritually. I know because I just got out. It took me almost thirty years to realized I was blessed with everything I needed to prosper in this life but was missing a few key elements to make it. Is that you too? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. I know that I was missing something. I created things. I sold things. I have made money off of my art, services, and products but I didn’t realize that it was like I was holding a handful of sand.

If you do anything online, you need your own website. Your website will be a home and wiki of all that is yours. This website is an example of the many facets that are possible. I have elements of everything I have done on it. There are blog post, feeds to my podcasts, examples of my style, influences, services, thoughts, etc. And it is not limited to this. Yours is going to be and should be unique as you.

If you want to start a business these days or are business minded, you need your own real estate on the web. Having a website or blog is required if what you do or provide can be searchable on GOOGLE. Search engines, look for text not your pictures. You need to do more than just being on Facebook, IG, Snapchat, etc.

Facebook is great for finding your audience, communication and development but you need your own site. If you don’t you are just renting space from Mark Zuckerberg. He can change the terms of his free service at anytime and delete your page or go off on some grand pursuit, taking your data, phone numbers, pictures, bio, everything you post there anywhere he wants to.

Does your site have to be flashy and hard to maintain? No, it does not. Today websites are almost synonymous with blogs but they are different. In my opinion, websites are usually static. They are information hubs. Blogging encourages community, reviews, comments, etc. Blogging is time consuming but worth the trouble. It can be like journaling, a magazine or almost whatever you think about. If you find a niche, you can be the mayor of your own online town by providing information, insight, inspiration, direction, commentary, education, or a bunch of mess, but it is all your choice. Either way, people that like you and what you write will/can subscribe to your postings, which is kinda cool.

I am a fan of WordPress sites. I have a few. They are easily customizable and adaptable to almost anything you can need. If you don’t have the time to create one, I can help set you up. There are probably millions of templates that fit your needs. I can help you find the one for you. They are also customizable. So it can be unique like you. I can help write post for you to get you going. The Black Man With A Gun website has been around since 1999. I am just starting to benefit from it. I have made decades of mistakes with it. You can benefit from all that I have learned.

I’ve been podcasting since 2007. I am a big fan of podcasting because it can accentuate your blog and all that you do. It can give you a voice online. It can grow your reach. I can help there too. I can make it easy as you recording, and sending me the files.
I have seen and stay in the know about trends, techniques and new tech. Putting together a great show requires editing. Editing takes time. Time is money. Spend your valuable time promoting your podcast, not editing it. I make your show sound great. Depending on the level of editing you want, I can make you and your guest sound better by removing, audio glitches like mouth ticks, clicks, excessive ahhhs, breaths and things that make you sound unprofessional. If you prefer not to do it, consider my services.

I’m working with a couple of friends that (1) do graphics (logos, banners, etc) (2) code for websites (3) and I help with WordPress sites, provide podcast producing, editing, media training.

I love this stuff. Call or email me today to discuss what you want and how we can work together.

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Why You Should Never Stop

Why You Should Never Stop

I was called into the Gospel ministry as child but didn’t want to be a minister.  I used to pretend to preach before a congregation when out in the woods alone.  As I grew up, I used to watch preachers for their technique and deliver.  The Message was secondary.  I got that through self-study.  As I approached my teen years, I still didn’t want to be a minister.  I tried to do everything I thought was tough.  I joined the Marines at 16 and had to wait till high school graduation to go in with my parents’ permission at 17.  In the military, I was often the one that my peers confided in, trusted, and shared personal struggles.  This continued while I was in while at the same time, doing as much as I could not to be holy.

I had some grand moments during my growth though.  I witnessed to a fellow Marine, and had him give his life to Christ while we were stationed overseas.  I forgot about the event until a few years ago he called me to share that he has traveled around the world with his family as a missionary.  Now as a working pastor, he has done amazing things for the Kingdom of God.  Only God can do that.

God can make a straight line with a crooked stick. – Rev. Kenn Blanchard

I asked the Lord to help me with communications and He gave me the ability to learn almost any language super quick.  The kid that stuttered, mumbled and hid in his artwork can pick up a language almost instantly.  Only God will do that.

I discovered podcasting in 2007 and started using it as a hobby to stay in touch with people in the gun community I had met from 1991 on as a gun rights activist and author of a book called Black Man With A Gun.  Being a part of the gun rights argument was a training ground for politics, sociology, faith and social media.

At one time I was the most famous person of color in the gun rights community.  It had many negatives.  I published a book talking about gun rights.  When I accepted my Call to ministry, it was after I was known internationally as the Black Man With A Gun, church elders were against it (to say it mildly).  In their closed conversations, I was a killer, a hired gun, not ministry material.  My pastor at the time had to fight for me.  On my day job at the time I was also a trainer of law enforcement, served on protective detail for the Intelligence Community and traveled the world during executive protection.

Ten days after my initial sermon, the world changed with 9/11.  Security was forefront on everyone’s minds.  I was not such an enigma.  As a podcaster, I tried many things over the years.  I have kept up with trends and learned best practices.  Today that podcast is almost at 2 million downloads.  It is international.  It has put me on television, radio and four documentaries.  I have learned that preaching and defending the Gospel is easier than defending the US Constitution.  It has been tough.  There have been many times when I asked God if I should quit being the Black Man With A Gun.  His answer has been not yet.

As a minister, I was called to Pastor and used my notoriety to reach men like me.  I appeal to men that believe in Christ but not traditional church.  Motorcyclist, law enforcement, military, gun owners are some of my target audience I have been able to reach.  Through the podcast I have helped four men now, that were contemplating suicide.

Because of that podcast, I created a ministry specifically for this group of “wilderness” dwellers like me called the Speak Life Church.  The podcast has become a nonprofit online church now.  I have established it so that I can travel and do pastoral things without the restrictions of a church board, etc.

With God All Things Are Possible.

The is amazing.  It is only a year old as of 2019.  It has given me the template along with my experience in podcasting that I wouldn’t have gained if the Lord had told me to stop to grow.  This website, apostle is being created to give ministers and pastors interested in podcast a coach, a producer and a platform to spread the Gospel as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20

Rev. Kenn Blanchard is an ordained pastor and the founder of ApostleRadio.

Check out these podcast:  Black Man With A Gun Show ,  Speak Life church , and  Indian Motorcycle radio  The Books, Kenn has written.

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