You Don’t Need To Hunt

You Don’t Need To Hunt

A recent article on Huffpost, by alleged hunters, is repeating the old narrative that the only guns which merit any protection are those which are deemed necessary for hunting. After all, they say, you just don’t need an AR-15 to hunt. Big mistake, Elmer.


Never mind that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, and never mind the obvious arguments against living in a society where you are only allowed to possess the things which you need (as decided by someone else).  Let’s stick to the idea that you only need guns which are suitable for hunting, because there is a very specific problem with that position.

The problem is that once need becomes the linchpin of your position, you now open up the debate as to whether or not you really need to hunt at all. And you know what? You don’t.

There are very few people left in this country who require hunted game meat to feed themselves, if any. We hunt because we enjoy the activity, and because we like game meat, but we don’t need it any more than we need a new Xbox. And if you really want to argue the case that you and your family need hunted game meat in order to survive, I’ve got a solution for you…and you aren’t going to like it.

It involves means testing before being allowed to hunt for subsistence. If your income as reported to the IRS does not fall below the poverty line, then you do not qualify as a subsistence hunter. Remember, the only allowable guns are those suitable for hunting, and since your income level means you do not need to hunt, you may possess no firearms at all.

The next phase of the solution comes once all the non-subsistence hunters and their nasty old non-hunting guns are weeded out. Now we have a relatively small subset of impoverished gun owners who simply cannot afford to buy meat at the grocery to feed their families. It then becomes a simple matter to put them on government assistance (if they aren’t already) and bump their allowance enough to enable them to buy their meat at the supermarket like everybody else.

The supposed need to hunt has now been removed once and for all. Now, not only have the awful guns no one needed to hunt been eliminated, the so-called “good guns” are unnecessary as well. Once you put need into the equation, you are one government-issued EBT card away from no longer needing to hunt. There’ll be no tasty venison for you, but you won’t starve. And once you no longer need to hunt, you won’t need any of those guns at all, Elmer.

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  1. Once again, David Cole has succinctly addressed the issue of the second amendment’s relation (or lack thereof) to hunting.

    In reading the 10 point plan outlined in HUFPO, it is clear to me that it is a blueprint for the elimination of gun ownership in America. Only points #2 and 9 have any validity.

    How can the government justify point #1 when they issue pistols and automatic weapons to members of the armed forces who are 18 to 20 years old.

    Points #7 and #8, if enacted would be the eventual death knell for the 2nd Amendment because of the proposed law’s goal of preventing a family member from passing down a firearm to a junior member, or even loaning a gun for learning and practice without government intervention.

    I must also add that writer, Daniel Ashe and his co-signers have apparently never heard of the widespread use of competitive firearms, of all kinds, that go unmentioned in in the HUFPO article.

    Further, any writer who uses the term “…Second Amendment radicalism” is clearly on the side of the gun prohibitionists.

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