Have You Heard of TacticalPay?

I was a guest of a new podcast sponsored by a company based in Houston Texas, called Tactical Payments. They provide merchant account for firearms related businesses like ours. 

It is a top rated credit card processing solutions provider for the firearms, ammunition and firearms accessories industry. They are positioning themselves to partner with 2nd Amendment friendly processors and sponsor banks to enable them to provide the most reliable credit card processing solutions in the industry.

They process many types of electronic payment transactions including all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, stored-value, and electronic check services.

Take a listen if you haven’t heard our interview.


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3 Replies to “Have You Heard of TacticalPay?”

  1. I am a retired police officer and have seen many cases of officer involved shootings. Individuals who are competition shooters constantly check and maintain their firearms to keep them in top notch performance, so I don’t believe it is a question of the firearm not functioning in a combat situation at all! However any modifications to the gun always come into play when it is actually involved in a shooting. This happens in court and prosecutors as well as civil attorneys attempt to make the shooter appear to be a killing hungry monster who did everything they could to make their firearm the perfect killing machine. It is my opinion that if you want a match quality firearm, purchase a factory produced match quality firearm and never modify them in any way to avoid this issue! Replace all parts needed at the factory by their personnel with original manufacture parts. This takes the entire liability of firearm alteration out Ii play! Never, I repeat Never engrave anything on your weapon that may be construed as indicating you are anxious to kill anyone. Examples: skulls,sayings like too late, smile your on target or last thing you will ever see! Leave it 100% factory original! You have to remember there are people out there that view those with firearms as people who are just waiting for the chance to pull the trigger on someone else! This is also true for those sitting on the jury.

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