Tiffany G. Johnson, Esq. – Let’s Talk About Guns

Tiffany G. Johnson, Esq. – Let’s Talk About Guns


For most of my life, my only exposure to firearms was negative: friends and family members getting shot, robberies, home invasions, car-jackings, and all the carnage we see on the news every day. In my early twenties, a family tragedy made me HATE guns with every fiber of my being. But then I realized that I had never actually touched a gun, had never even seen one up close, and knew almost nothing about them. So, one day, out of the clear blue sky, I walked into Rangemaster in Memphis, Tennessee, and told the strangers at the counter that I was terrified of guns. Their response: “We’ll fix that.”

Thirteen years and scores of classes later, I am what you might call a convert. My introduction to “the gun world” has afforded me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people who I might never have otherwise encountered. And now I’ve got a somewhat unique perspective on guns: I’ve lived in both camps and heard arguments from people I trust and respect on both sides of the debate. On this issue I’m not an idealist. I’m a realist. And frankly, BOTH sides sometimes frustrate me. A lot. Both sides have some valid points, but both sides do and say dumb things that hurt their own causes. Both sides (excluding the crazies) are usually genuine and well-meaning, but neither side readily admits that about the other.

Then there’s me, often caught in the middle. It’s a lonely space at times, especially now that recent trends in the gun debate have driven such a gaping wedge between the opposing points of view. I certainly don’t fancy myself an expert on firearms or self-defense. That title is reserved for giants like my mentor at Rangemaster, Tom Givens. But, if you’re tired of the same old talking points from the same old faces, here’s (another) blog from a simple chick who just tries to keep an open mind. With any luck, maybe you’ll find a few useful nuggets of fresh perspective here from time to time. Hope you enjoy!

– tgj

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  1. Hi, Tiffany! I am so glad you faced your fears and become informed. You could not have gotten better instructors than Tom and Lynn Givens. I, too, find myself caught in the middle at times. Your perspective of what we’ve been seeing from people on both sides of the debate is very accurate. People fear what they don’t understand. Civil communication and educating others is about the only way to resolve this problem.

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