Zombie Apocalypse Tactics

Here’s some fun stuff for those of that that are missing The Walking Dead series on AMC like I am, from a contributor. – Kenn B.

It is found out that a zombie apocalypse is not a figment of imagination and could actually happen sometime in the future.

There are a lot of possible factors that will lead to a zombie apocalypse. One is parasites and viruses that can turn their victims into mindless zombies. This is nothing new as this is currently happening with some animals like the zombie snails. A parasitic worm Leucochloridium takes over the snail’s eye stalk to make it behave like a caterpillar and hungry birds will swoop the snails and devour them. The worm breeds in the bird’s gut and the eggs will be released thru the bird’s feces and will be eaten by the snails. It is a vicious cycle!

Another way a zombie apocalypse could is through harmful neurotoxins. Neurotoxins affect the transmission of chemical signals between neurons that may cause a myriad of problems. Illegal drugs have neurotoxins that affect our bodily functions. Victims suffering from poisoning may take chemicals that will counter the effects of neurotoxins. However, these drugs will leave them in a trance-like state with no memory while having the ability to perform simple tasks like eating and sleeping.

Lastly, a zombie outbreak may happen due to the controversial stem cell research. A lot of scientists are pushing stem cell research because of its benefits to the medical field. Some labs are working on the research despite its ethical criticism. The idea of stem cells is it can regenerate dead cells. Thus, it may help in bringing back the dead.

Whatever the cause, you should prepare for zombie apocalypse. Everyone has their own strategy in dealing with a possible zombie outbreak. The main problem is that the plan you have in mind is also similar to what others think they will do if there is an attack. You are probably thinking of getting a weapon, stay indoors, and combat zombies. Jesus, you will not last for five minutes!

As the zombie apocalypse is upon us, grab your zombie survival kit and know the things that you should not do during an outbreak. Here are the survival tips that appear legit but will actually lead to your demise.

Source: https://www.mikesgearreviews.com/zombie-survival-get-killed/


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