If only we could convert hypocrisy and self-righteousness into electricity, this Salon article by D. Watkins could power the nation for years.

Apparently Mr. Watkins believes that anyone wishing to carry a gun for self protection should be required to be shot first, so that they can “understand the pain of being shot.” There is so much wrong with the article that I could spend all day picking it apart, but I’m not going to do that. Read it for yourself, and that part will be clear.

Instead, I’d like to point out what a massive hypocrite Watkins is.

This is because that even though Mr. Watkins clearly hates guns (inanimate objects) and the people who carry them (his fellow citizens), the fact of the matter is that he is kept safe by guns every single day. But Mr. Watkins and others like him prefer to farm out their violence to another party.

I seriously doubt he would advocate for disarming the military, in case the nation he lives in needs defending. In that eventuality, he is probably just fine with sending other young Americans with guns to do his shooting for him. And he probably wouldn’t want to see police officers disarmed, either. I’m sure he’d prefer to have the option to simply pick up the phone and ask that someone with a gun come and use it in his behalf.


D. Watkins’ hired guns.


That said, I don’t have a problem with someone who would rather have another do their violence for them. Some people don’t have the capability to defend themselves, and truly need the protection of others. And while I do not personally understand the mindset, others simply choose not to participate in their own self defense, whether out of denial, fear, or personal morals. That’s their choice, and I am not here to judge.

But Mr. Watkins is. While he hires out the violence which keeps him safe, he thinks you should be shot for choosing to do your own work. He thinks himself somehow superior because his violence is bought and paid for, his bullets delivered by someone else.

D. Watkins, your safety is provided by a gun just as much as mine is. Take a bullet, you say? You first.


— Dave Cole

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