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Podcast #470

This week I announced that I had a new app created that will allow you to get all my archived and current podcast episodes from number 52 on up. That means all my rookie shows, (minus the ones before that which I took off the server back in the day because when I started they used to charge for space of those big audio files I did.) Luckily, things have changed and improved. You can get six years of podcasting. You’ll hear the Zombie Strike saga, and all the guest I’ve had since 2008 when it was The Urban Shooter Podcast.
There are features I haven’t even used yet but will be exclusive to those of you that have it. You can follow me on social media with one app and even share stuff with your “friend and brother from another mother.”
And Another Thing…
On this episode I let you know about the project called The Gun Movement that I am building. Before you can say,

O, Lawd what is Kenn up to now…

let me explain.
I am taking on the role of Godfather of the Black Gun Movement to be a consult, guide, mentor to it. I am seeking to help bring Latino, Asian and all the nontraditional gun owners into the second amendment defending family
The purpose is to unite the gun community and support the growing voices within it.
Why? I am uniquely qualified as a shepherd to take care of people, to protect them, to go after strays and tend to them after they have been beaten up by misinformation, racism, ignorance and anti-gun rhetoric.
There are some social, cultural and historical points we can speak to and I know quite a few folks that are better qualified to teach, preach and reach this segment of America.
Now you know me, I am sensitive to the fear, in trepidations and caution that still exist in America. I am a unifier, a bridge maker and your friend and brother from another mother.
There are groups, individuals, faceboook fanatics that are missing out on fun, shooting opportunities, sponsorships, endorsements, food, libations and you know good times because we are still segregated, separated and kept apart by geography, design sometimes, state and city laws, fear and conditioning.
The gun Movement is exactly that a movement.
There are five quick ideas on helping propel a social movement forward:
1.Find a cause with a connection to people’s deepest passions about right and wrong, a cause that makes them think about what really matters, about creating a better world for their children.
2.Identify concrete actions that will push the movement forward.
3.Set concrete targets and an end date by which to accomplish the actions.
4.Enlist partners who share the passion and ensure that the movement is not about any individual or organization. The cause has to be so important that individual and group identities can be temporarily put aside in pursuit of the goal.
5.Measure progress toward the goal and be relentless in using data to push the movement forward.
I have a mission, even if my statement isn’t clear.
I have a purpose even if I don’t make sense to anyone but the ones we are helping.
It will become clearer and easier to see after awhile I promise.
I have found some key people that have decided to step out on faith and help me take the next steps. I hope they stay with me for the duration. I know how it goes though and won’t be disappointed if they don’t. They are dynamite though and I love what they are doing so far without knowing what I am trying to do.
I really feel like this is going to be my greatest achievement as the person known as the Black Man With A Gun. So help me Jehovah.
This past week I fiddled and got a Google hangout going with them and we managed to make sense of it near the end. It was an hour of beta testing.
This was a impromptu hangout for a group just starting to help and support untraditional gun owners and clubs called simply the Gun Movement. Over the years the gun community has exploded with new groups of people that you don’t normally see represented at a Second Amendment event. Veteran gun rights activist known as the Black Man With A Gun (TM) and vanguard Rev. Kenn Blanchard created this new community to share resources and knowledge for this new segment. On this video, you’ll hear NRA trainer and activist, Rick Ector from LegallyArmedInDetroit.com, Tiffany G. Johnson, Esq. from frontsitepress.com, and Michael J. Woodland of M-Wtactical.com. The official launch of the site will be 1May 2016. If you are interested in being a part of the community sign up on the site. twitter.com/gunmovement

MJ Woodland on gear selection

Shout outs
National African aemrica gun association

I am taking a reloading course in a couple of weeks (thanks to Dillon Precision)

Might be going to be a part of a documentary also in a couple of weeks. Now I have to find out if I can get off from work, switch my days or soemthign .

Shout out to Dan, Chris, Lloyd, Phil, AJ Anderson, Alex


Review of a new product from Extra Carry.com
t’s called the ExtraCarry Concealed Carry Magazine Pouch. Here are some details.

1) Carry your spare magazine concealed in your pocket
2) Looks unassuming “like a pocket knife”
3) Securely locks in place
4) No exposed rounds to get dislodged or compromised by items in your pocket
5) Light weight and comfortable
5) Ambidextrous design
7) Fast access to your spare pistol magazine
8) Spare magazine located in the same place every time
9) Patent Pending and Made in the USA

Here’s a link to the website and product video.



Armed Citizens Stories heard:


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  1. Kenn,

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    We are looking forward to your full review.

    The ExtraCarry Sales Team

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