What Women Want [Podcast 524]

On the Black Man With A Gun Show podcast episode 524, we debuted a new feature from US Army vet, Marchelle Tigner of http://TriggerHappyPanda.com. She was a fan favorite last week and was gracious enough to provide a tip on “situational awareness.” She is solid gold.

My tall brother from another mother, retired US Army, Michael J. Woodland, shared a tip about loading your magazine into the firearm with his weekly segment/feature. http://m-wtactical.com. Michael has been as consistently providing good stuff for months now.

In our history segment, I bring up some little known facts about a few ministers of the Civil Rights era that spawned the legendary, Deacons of Defense and Justice. And highlighted a folk song about the “Deacons” by one of them. It’s stuff you won’t get anywhere else but here.

I threw in a bad old man joke (forgive me ladies) and shared some news from Armed Citizens around the US.

I called the show, “What Women Want” based on the old movie with Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson. What I am really talking about is what all of us want… and that is freedom.

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