“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.”

–Hustle & Flow


Emily Miller is smart.  She is a Sunday school teacher.  She is easy on the eyes.  She is a journalist and resident of the District of Columbia.  She is the Opinion Editor for The Washington Times.  She is now a gun owner. 

Her published works and testimony on the plight of the people around the Nation’s Capital is becoming legendary.  She has exposed hypocrisy of the asinine gun laws created to pacify the dependent but leave the lawful unable to be self-reliant.  She has uncovered agendas.  She has opened many eyes of the weary unprotected public to the truth about guns in DC.  It has been that only criminals had them and another law was not going to change that.  Folks that have existed or profited from the old system hate her guts.  Big politicians that have been pandering to both sides of gun control run from her like you would a small bee.

She is someone you wouldn’t want to get stung by either.  She has been effective as a gun rights activist because she defies the stereotype demagogue’s successfully use on gun owners.  I think she has become an activist by default like many of us.  All you really want is to live in peace, be left alone, and have the ability, if you choose, to protect yourself. 

When you can’t (because you live in DC, NYC, Chicago, NJ) you soon find out as Emily did that there is a machine in place that denies the right of gun ownership to “certain people.”  There is a small community that looks down upon anyone that seeks to own firearms that lives in a city.  I believe the circumstances created this tiger to use what she had to change things.  She has been successful because it was not her job.  She has been successful because it is the right thing to do.  She has been successful because self-reliance, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is still American.  She didn’t want it hindered by inane laws, criminals or the status quo.

She has done more for the residents of the District of Columbia that want to own a handgun for their personal defense or recreation than I have, and I am proud of it.  She has had conversations with people that wouldn’t talk to me.  She has reached more readers than my blog.  She has more twitter followers than I ever will and I ain’t mad at her.

All I want for us is to be free.  I don’t care who gets it done.  Thank you, Emily. 


“See what you done— did?”




Emily Miller, Senior Editor for Opinion, was deputy press secretary for Secretaries of State Colin L. Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Her political experience also includes working on Capitol Hill as a press secretary and as the communications director to then-House Majority Whip Tom DeLay. Miller’s journalism experience ranges from being a columnist at AOL’s Politics Daily to associate producer at ABC News. She started her career as a desk assistant at NBC News.  (from Washington Times website)



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10 thoughts on “What Emily Did”

  1. Reverend – I am so humbled after reading this. You fought for the Second Amendment long and hard for so long, and it is only in those large footsteps could I have pushed through to get some changes. Nothing would have changed without your decades of persistence and bravery to defy the stereotypes. I’m proud to call you my friend. -Emily

  2. Emily Miller’s distinction is extraordinary when one considers that she already changed the laws in Washington D.C. through her writing and her activism while becoming a gun owner only a few months ago.  She has not only demonstrated that one CAN “fight city hall”, but one can also WIN.  She has taken away that excuse from all of us. 

    Now, back to the fight!

  3. I’m glad to have both of you on the side of truth and justice with this issue.  Keep up the good works!

  4. Well said, Pastor Kenn.  I hope Emily has lots of help, so please don’t stop.  A swarm has moved more lazy behinds than one annoying buzz, no matter how loud.

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