Want to Shout Out to 15K of Our Closest Friends?

15,000 of my closest friends.

Urban Shooter Listeners.  If you are like me, I talk to my online community more than I do my neighbors.  Want to leave a send out a Christmas/ Hanukah/New Year’s message for other Urban Shooter listeners to hear?  If you do, you can call me and leave your message.  If it is clear, concise, family friendly and nice I’ll play it on my show this week.  If I get a lot of messages, I will play yours over the next two episodes.  Just call 1-888-675-0202 and go for it.  If its’ all of that and funny, it’s sure to get heard. 

The Urban Shooter Podcast is a weekly progun variety show produced by Kenn Blanchard.  It is an entertaining mix of humor, Americana, storytelling, music, inspiration and commentary from fun and freedom loving people around the world.

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