Turning 50 Is Not So Bad

Here’s your chance to show some love to the Black Man With A Gun on his fiftieth birthday.

Turning 50 is kind of nifty
When you consider the alternative.
You’re not pushing daisies or feeding the worms,
You still have a lot of life left to live.
So make the most of your golden years,
Take time to see the sights and travel.
Better to roll down the highway now,
While you’re above, not beneath, the gravel.

June 26th

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Wishing Kenn Blanchard a happy 50th birthday

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6 thoughts on “Turning 50 Is Not So Bad”

  1. Hi Ken, when I turned 49, I started little sound bites…49 and doing fine, 50 is nifty, 51 is great fun, 52 and I’m not through, 53 and full of glee, 54 and ready for more, 55 and still alive, 56 caused me an issue…I don’t have something to rhyme with that yet…57 and life is heaven, 58 and doing great, and 59 and still fine…I have about 6 months to work on 60…maybe 60 is sexy…what do you think?   Happy Birthday and be well…

  2. Happy Birthday!!!  We met at Media Day of the ShowShow 2012 by Denny Snyder’s booth. Visit Vancouver 🙂

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