Training Matters [Podcast 523]

When I started this blog it was all about Kenn Blanchard and the right to keep and bear arms as I knew it.  Today, I have heard most of the arguments used at least a dozen times, and sharing the history of the struggle as soon as I can with as many as I can.  This is easier with the internet and connectivity as we know it today.  What hasn’t changed is the attitudes and people.  I didn’t change as fast as I wanted to because I left a lot of deals on the table.  I failed to make “X” happen when I could have.  I didn’t follow through on getting to know some of the great men and women I have passed along the way as deeply as I would have liked.  I guess nobody does.


Shooting is a perishable skill. If you don’t use it often, you will lose it. That is also true of all the great training knowledge you have. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.


Here are some skills to develop through instruction suggested on the show:

  • Safely manipulate a firearm

  • Reload quickly and safely

  • Shoot accurately

  • Shoot quickly

  • Draw from a holster

  • Multiple targets

  • One-handed shooting

  • Moving targets

  • Moving while shooting

  • Working in low light


Opportunities happen though when you play the game of numbers.  I screwed up with some good people that I wanted to share my spaces with on the podcast and website but they didn’t want to or see where I was going.  Thankfully, a few persevered with me.  David Cole has been cranking out some really good opinion pieces here.  I’ve invited many people to share in the social media juice, and success of the Black Man With A Gun brand, but few have taken me up on the offer.

Young gun, Michael J. Woodland pushed through my uncertainty and stayed the course with me on the podcast, and challenges me to do more every week.

This week I am proud to introduce a woman of southern charm and wisdom, that is into firearms that just so happens to be beautiful too.  I’m hoping she’ll decide to contribute to the blog and podcast too.

And don’t think that these younger folks can’t bring anything to the table for you “old salts.”  I’ve found that new instructors are great for motivation, insight and energy.  They can remind us why we are fighting.  Many of us have been doing this for so long we have become jaded and bored because of politics.  Unless you forgot, experts practice the basics of marksmanship to get better still.  They come up with ideas all the time that we haven’t thought about.


The future of the gun community looks good to me.  There are new firearms instructors like Michael J. Woodland, and Marchelle “Tig” Tigner reaching new people.  Both are US Army veterans.  Old soldiers like Dave Cole has been sharing some great stuff on this site as well.  This week I have them both on the Black Man With A Gun Show podcast.  Michael shares some tips about shooting for accuracy and speed.


Marchelle, has recently been “discovered” on BET live and Colion Noirs’s CN Live.  I interviewed her and found out that she is smart, on a mission and adorable.  What makes her different to me, is her humility.  She has some wisdom I haven’t heard in awhile.  She makes me laugh and understood the woes of a pastor of (Patriots, Pistoleros and Paladins) of a black church.  You can hear that in the outtakes atthe end of the show.



Check out product of the week. 

Thank you for joining me this week.  Hope you like the new format and know you will love where we are going.




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One thought on “Training Matters [Podcast 523]”

  1. What a great interview with Marchelle Tigner, from my perspective, she could learn a lot with you as a mentor. As you have said many times, “you are learning, growing as well as teaching” everyday. I respect all that you have done, are doing and will continue to do.


    Homer Carter

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