Episode 294 The Urban Shooter Podcast

 Choose Happiness

After the presidential elections, tempers are high, and gun owners like me are weary of all the negativity.  I try to encourage the freedom loving, gun owning family with a song from Stevie Ray Vaughn, and interview with Massad Ayoob and some tips about keeping your cigar smokable.  I also give some information about how to protect your email from hackers and what to do if you get hacked as a few of my friends did this week.  There are shout outs, and Barbara Baird shares her views.


We end out with a tribute to veterans and the Marines with Sarah Greene’s song, “Living the Dream.”



  • Crossfire- Bones Hooks
  • Barbara Baird gives us her thoughts after the election
  • Novaarmament.com
  • Cigar of the Week was the Commancho Corojo
  • NJ2AS.com has an event this month
  • What to do if your email gets hacked
  • Massad Ayoob is the guest with some great tips
  •  Happy Veterans Day
  • Happy Birthday Marines
  • Living the Dream from Sarah Greene available on Amazon.com and CD Baby


Massad Ayoob is the featured guest on episode 294 of The Urban Shooter Podcast this week.  You’ll hear about his training company, MassadAyoobGroup.com, what to look for in a local trainer, his recommendations for .40 caliber practice and self defense brand ammo.  Exclusive tip:  for the older shooter with bifocals.


Mas’s picks for 40 Cal. ammo.


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