The Story of Dr. Ossian Sweet [podcast 526]

Michael J. Woodland starts a new series on the AR rifle platform.  Marchelle “Tig” Tigner  shares information on traveling with a firearm and Kenn gives a deep dive into the history of Dr. Ossian Sweet along with some personal commentary.  thank you for listening, downloading and sharing this episode.


Armed Citizen News

Mother kills 19-year-old intruder during attempted home invasion

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For the second time this week, police in Indianapolis are investigating a case of a homeowner shooting and killing an intruder. Police said a mother shot a man Wednesday afternoon when she saw him inside her apartment. It happened on White Knight Boulevard near 30th and Mitthoeffer. The Marion County Coroner identified the suspect as 19-year-old Michael Hawkins.

Detectives spent hours processing the scene inside the apartment. Police said the woman was home with four children at the time when she heard someone breaking into the apartment. Police said it all began when they received a call just after 1:00 p.m. “The homeowner stated she had heard the sound of someone breaking into her home when she went to investigate what was going on she noticed there was an individual inside her house and that’s when shots were fired,” said officer Aaron Hamer, IMPD. “Inside the apartment at the time were several children under the age of seven.” Police said the suspect was armed and was shot by the doorway. Several people who appear to be family and friends stood behind the crime scene tape as detectives processed the scene.

A man seen talking with investigators told 24-Hour News 8 his son was shot and killed. He said he was working when he got a call about what happened and says his son goes by the nickname Lucky. Meanwhile, one neighbor said she had no idea what was happening until she saw the police activity. “I think it’s horrible and it is it is very sad, and those children were involved in this and the people that lived there are involved in this our whole community are involved in this,” Janice Taylor said.

Taylor added that she can’t blame the woman for defending her home and children.

“You have to defend yourself, we have laws for that and you have to defend yourself. You’re entitled to defend yourself everyone is,” she said. Taylor said what happened today breaks her hurt. “You know, we’re all people and regardless of whether we realize it or not, we really do need each other and it don’t pay to mistreat people, it don’t pay to be disrespectful because you’ll pay for it,” she said. Police said the woman and children inside the apartment were not hurt.



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New club being formed.

Shooting is fun.

The media likes to spin the reasons honest law abiding people want to own a firearm all the time.  It always has to be against some one.  They successfully pit white against black, Democrats against Republicans, Liberal against Conservatives and we fall for it.  We answer pointed questions and don’t realize it.

Its from a lack of understanding, willful ignorance and too many alternative facts in your way most of the time.  Guns are not bad.  They are carried everyday by law enforcement, security guards and people that live in states that don’t hinder their residents from the freedom to choose.  I’m starting a club for the fun on it and nothing less will do.  The Fun Gun Club.


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