The Second Amendment From A New Set of Eyes

Our Second Amendment rights shall not be infringed. This Amendment is never really explained in the urban communities. I mean, yes we carry handguns as protection in urban areas, but do we understand what this Second Amendment was about? Do we look at it as an American right and privilege? Or do we more so look at it as the basic necessity of living in “the hood.” In a community where police officers do not respond in a timely manner to crimes, you definitely need other options. But it seems in the urban communities, the right to bear arms is not viewed as a “privilege“.

Marcus Weldon

Typically, members of urban communities do not involve themselves in gun advocacy groups, which could provide many educational opportunities. When most of us hear NRA, we think of white guys in camouflage pants and baseball caps. The NRA is perceived as a racist lobbyist group, that has the money to fund or destroy any candidate they want. Black guys don’t belong with these groups… or so I was always told. These stereotypes have primed our minds for decades.


The black guy with the gun doesn’t have the same rights and privileges as the white guy with a gun. Or do we?


After going through a high-profile self-defense case that took over a year to be resolved, I experienced a “culture shock” from some unexpected allies who donated money for my defense. They re-educated me on the firearms and the gun laws. I learned that I was depriving myself of valuable information by not interacting with these gun groups. Things like Firearm Legal Protection was available to me, but I never even heard of it because I was not involved in the gun community. If you choose to bear arms, you need to be proactive in expanding your knowledge on the subject of firearms including safety, how to legally carry, and the legal ramifications of using your firearm.


In high crime areas, where legal gun ownership is a necessity, I have now dedicated my life to educating people on why they should embrace their Second Amendment right, not just as a necessity, but as an American entitlement.


Because of our mis-education , we don’t view the Bill of Rights as what they are, “the people’s rights.” When you attack those rights, the most vulnerable people will be affected. Urban America, we are those vulnerable people! But we have been taught that the firearm is the cause of the problems in our communities… not the broken families, not the broken schools, not the lack of capital. Instead of looking at the firearm as the problem, it should be viewed as the tool for personal defense and the only real checks and balances the people have against tyranny. Tyrannical government can be implemented by the strike of a pen in Congress, through police misconduct, and even prosecutor misconduct.


The firearm is a “tool” and if it gets in the wrong hands it can be deleterious, but so can the wrong person behind the wheel of a car. Does the gun make it easier to hurt someone?  Sure! But with thousands of illegal guns floating around the urban areas, it makes no sense to restrict the legally trained “good guys” in these communities.


I pride myself on becoming an independent thinker. Taking life by the horns and creating my own legacy. If your dependency lies within the government, they will let you down. Study the laws on your own, read the Constitution, and review history so it won’t surprise you when it repeats itself. As the people, we must keep the power on our side. If we allow the government to keep the power on their side, we face incipient tyranny with no checks and balances. Human rights go first before anything else. Then American rights come next. Know your rights and protect them by any means necessary, because once those rights are taken away, the vulnerable will be affected.






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6 thoughts on “The Second Amendment From A New Set of Eyes”

  1. Yep. Time for non whites to exercise 2nd admendment Rights to Bare Arms. Need to GUN UP like everyone else has. Send a Thank You to the NRA. Your rights are important too. Not just Trumps and his followers. He said he could kill someone on the street in NY and get away with it because of who he is.

    1. I think you failed to devine the point. Its not just about arm8ng tourself. Its about knowing the truth about your rights. That means take the time to read and understand what your rights are and how they apply. Dont believe what tou are told. Learn for yourself. Be informed in the right way.
      As for what trump said, your reactio. Is a perfect example of not being properly informed. Watch the video and listen to his words carefully. The media will try to twist the truth to misinform you as with any topic they want you to think a certin way. This is how Hillary can tell you guns are the problem and people take her at her word. This is how they take away your rights and you never question it or think twice.

  2. Rights can only be ceded, and only taken by force. Force which removes a right is illegitimate, and illegal, force. The Second Amendment tasks the government(s), both state & federal, with protecting the right, but somewhere along the line, after passing the Sullivan Law in NYS, and various other laws in other states, the people ceded their right because they did not say to their elected officials that the 1934 NFA was wrong, and turn out those who voted for it. Unfortunately, short of war, it is often hard, if not impossible to retrieve that which was ceded. Republicans have always been loathe, in most of the country, to taking the right to keep & bear arms from the individual DemocRATs, on the other hand, are quite OK with doing it. That is not to say all DemocRATs, but that the vast majority are averse to private gun ownership, or carry, in particular, especially inner city. I’m pretty sure the black community is waking to this fact. They need to be armed as much as any white (not truly white, but we all label others) American. They, also, need to abide by the natural laws, and God ordained laws (Ten Commandments), but these seem not to be taught much in inner city communities anymore. If they were, perhaps less killing of blacks by blacks would be occurring. Oh, and as a matter of import to me, blacks need to stop calling themselves African-Americans. Very few of you were born in Africa, and came here as immigrants. The vast majority have been born, lived, worked, and fought for this country. You are Americans, and if anyone says otherwise, or calls you African-American, you need to cal them on that, and make sure they realize you are “ALL American.”

  3. You’re headed on the right path. Just be aware that some of your perceived allies, like the NRA have another agenda. At any rate, you’re introducing concepts of Liberty where people have been taught to reject the principles, because of the White names associated with the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You’ll save many lives because of it.

  4. I applaud you for taking those first rough steps in the right direction. And I agree with an earlier commenter. I’m part Indian and Irish, my mother remarried after having me and all my many sisters and brother are black, Indian, Irish, and nephews and nieces all that plus Mexican and more now. You sir, are an American. We all are. Much respect.

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