The Perfect Carry Gun – A Never-Ending Story – The Double-Stacked 9 mm Compact

As the pursuit for the perfect handgun continues, those who are less meek than I, have decided that it is no longer acceptable to leave home without a true fighting pistol. It is worth noting that renown firearms instructor James Yeager has deemed the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield to be the smallest pistol with which one can fight, but he is also quite clear that rarely leaves home without his Glock 19.


The class of firearms, under consideration in this article, is what I call the double-stacked, compact 9 mms. In order for a firearm to fall into this category, it must wield a double-stacked magazine, and either have a barrel length between 3.75-3.99 inches or otherwise be marketed as a compact firearm, by the manufacturer, without having been classified as a subcompact firearm in my previous article.


To review, the mathematical formula used to devise the overall score for these firearms is as follows:


(Total Capacity x Barrel Length x Caliber Score) ÷ [(Overall Length + Overall Height + Width) x (Empty Weight)]


Lengths, widths, and heights are scored in inches while the weight is scored in ounces. The caliber score is a number assigned from 1-12 for 25 ACP, 32 ACP, 38 special, 9×19 para, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 44 special, 357 sig, 10 mm, 357 magnum, and 44 magnum respectively.


This formula was generated to increase the overall score based on characteristics that I consider to be positive, and to decrease the overall score based on characteristics that I consider to be negative in a concealed carry firearm. I consider weight to be a detractor for comfort, but you may consider it a plus as it helps tame recoil. As such, please bear in mind that this is not an end-all be-all formula. Feel free to take it and adapt it with features of your own such as sight radius, price, personal preference, and the all-important confidence factor based on your personal experience with the reliability of the brand.


The three firearms that were found to be the most “efficient”, based on the aforementioned formula are the Glock 19, the Springfield XDM Compact with a full-sized grip, and the Sig Sauer P250 Compact. If I consider only the size (volume) of these firearms, the top 3 are the Glock 19, Springfield XDM Compacts, and the Sig Sauer P320 Compact slide mounted on the subcompact receiver. I would like to give a special shout out to our friends from for pointing out the fine firearm that results in combining the subcompact frame and compact slide on the Sig P320 platform.


If I were told that I had to fight with a “compact” pistol from this list, I would probably choose the Sig Sauer M11, which is a variant of the P229 (note that some of the Sig P229s have slightly different specifications). I have grown accustomed to the SA/DA manual of arms and I am somewhat of a nonconformist (i.e. not a Glock fanboy). However, the extra size and weight of the M11, with no additional magazine capacity, has resulted in my decision to choose the Glock 19 as my compact 9 mm for concealed carry. The same pros and cons that I expressed in my brief review of the Glock 26 apply for the Glock 19. Because of the extra size of the G19 compared to the G26, I have seen 9-year-old girls shoot this gun quite well! If you can shoot the G26 well, you can shoot the G19 better without much additional heft. While the Glock isn’t everyone’s favorite (it isn’t mine), it’s diminished size and weight complexed with its reliability (with proper grip) and respectable accuracy make it the perfect fit for a compact fighting pistol that can be carried concealed.


As always, if I have left out any of your favorite firearms, let me know, and I will update the list and accordingly. If you have a special request for a firearm or class of firearms, feel free to make it known in the comments. Your category of choice may very well move to the front of the line. Be sure to check the High Capacity Magazine webpage often so you don’t miss out!


Double Stack 9×19 Para – between a 3.75-3.99 inch barrel or advertised as a compact (Compacts)
Beretta M9A1 Compact 13 4.25 5 7.75 5.25 1.5 31.6 0.602902663
Canik C100 15 3.93 5 7.36 5.35 1.41 26.08 0.800408201
CZ P-07 15 3.75 5 7.2 5.3 1.46 27.7 0.727323037
CZ 75 Compact 14 3.75 5 7.24 5.03 1.38 32.8 0.58630394
CZ 75 PCR 14 3.75 5 7.24 5.03 1.38 27.5 0.699300699
CZ P-01 14 3.75 5 7.2 5.03 1.38 28.1 0.686380383
Glock 19 Gen 3 15 4.01 5 7.36 4.99 1.18 23.65 0.939889276
Glock 19 Gen 4 15 4.01 5 7.28 4.99 1.18 23.65 0.945479695
HK P30 15 3.85 5 7.12 5.43 1.37 26.08 0.795380923
HK P2000 13 3.66 5 6.85 5.07 1.37 24.96 0.717174567
HK USP Compact 13 3.58 5 6.81 5 1.38 27.2 0.648608572
Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle 3 10 3.85 5 7.825 5.75 1.53 26.3 0.48456747
RIA MAPP TCM9R 16 3.8 5 7.48 5.31 1.5 26.4 0.80581886
Sig Sauer P229 15 3.99 5 7.1 5.4 1.5 29.6 0.722128378
Sig Sauer P250 Compact 15 3.9 5 7.2 5.1 1.3 25.1 0.856866651
Sig Sauer P320 Compact 15 3.9 5 7.2 5.3 1.4 26 0.809352518
Sig Sauer P320 Carry 15 3.9 5 7.2 5.5 1.4 26 0.79787234
Sig Sauer P320 SC frame/Compact Slide 12 3.9 5 7.2 4.7 1.4 25 0.703759398
Springfield XDM Compact 13 3.8 5 6.75 4.75 1.18 28 0.69569626
Springfield XDM 3.8 Full Sized Grip 19 3.8 5 6.75 5.75 1.18 29 0.909961686



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