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Once upon a time, I was alone on the internet. It wasn’t that long ago. When I created the “Black Man With A Gun” persona it was provocative, it was controversial, it was cute. The name threatened the status quo. When my website came up in 2000, I was ahead of all the gun rights…

Kenn and Mas

The Gun Community, Blogs, Podcast and YouTubers

Black Man With A Gun Show episode 370   This week  I introduce to some and present to others the past, present and future of the gun community. There is more to us than fighting against the stupidity that is called gun control. We are now bloggers, podcasters, trainers, and YouTube producers, and hybrids of them…

Natalie Foster

Beautiful Women And Shooting Guns

Episode 364  Beautiful Women and Their Thoughts March is Women’s History Month and I wanted to start the month off showing my love and appeciation to the women in the shooting sports that I have had the honor of being around. Many have been on this podcast.  I am blessed. One of the things that…

2013 NRA Annual Meeting

Where The Brothers Are

If you are a YouTube fan of Mr. Colion Noir, Hank Strange or Aargo Jay you may wonder where are other Americans of African decent online or in the community.  Believe it or not, we as a nation are in a new place today as growing numbers of people under thirty are realizing the hyperbole…


I Feel Like I Owe You – Black Man With A Gun Show 348

This is the 348 episode of a internet radio show known as the Black Man With A Gun Show. This week I have two interviews that will let you know a little about youtuber and new shooter known as Hank Strange. Hank Strange, {see} Hank (a pseudo) is a really interesting and good family…