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Beautiful Women And Shooting Guns

Natalie Foster

Episode 364  Beautiful Women and Their Thoughts March is Women’s History Month and I wanted to start the month off showing my love and appeciation to the women in the shooting sports that I have had the honor of being…


Video – Black Man With A Gun Show – 345


Video of the show   This show was released on the 43rd week of 2013. Because of this show, I’ve had the opportunity to share your stories, your triumphs, products, ideas and smiles. I’ve met some fascinating people, leaders, politicians,…


333 – Best Shot

Best Shot on blackmanwithagun.com

Interesting People on the Black Man With A Gun Show: Heart & Soul this week include: Daryl Jamison of GO GunOwner.com. Tom From Trijicon.com talks about what they have for AR’s Tommy from CenterMassCombatTactics.com goes technical for the intermediate shooter…


Forget About It

Aaargo Jay

Urban Shooter Podcast Episode # 330 In this episode I’ll share three interviews with men that have inspired me in different ways to push on. Raymond Kohout is the CEO of a revolutionary new handgun called the Double Tap Defensive…