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How To Build Your Own M1 Garand

One of the benefits of being a part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is having access to various training programs. One of newest classes, the M1 Advanced Maintenance Class (http://thecmp.org/training-tech/advanced-maintenance-class/), allows the student to build their own M1 Garand at the CMP Custom Shop in Anniston Alabama. The class is limited to 20 people […]

What’s New and Free For You…

This week on episode 470 of the Black Man With A Gun Show

3 Armed citizen stories

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Introducing the www.GunMovement.org

MJ Woodland on gear selection

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On YouTube

This was a impromptu hangout for a group just starting to help and support untraditional gun owners and clubs called simply the Gun Movement. Over the years the gun community has exploded with new groups of people that you don’t normally see represented at a Second Amendment event. Veteran gun rights activist known as the […]

Get In The Game

Want to become a better shooter? Get in the game. Compete. I know, I know…there’s an internet full of naysayers out there. Go ahead and look around, and you’ll find any number of folks who will tell you that pistol shooting games like USPSA and IDPA are “unrealistic,” “teach poor tactics,” and will “get you […]

With Chris Costa

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a HET 1 course taught by Chris Costa. This three day course is one that will have you finding your limits, and finding areas to analyze yourself as well. Self analyzing your capability within a structured class can be very beneficial. We all know who […]

M&P or Glock

How many of us have debated which is better? There are those who don’t know, and those without opinion.  Well let’s dive in deeper and find out what others think and compare the results. All of my friends know that I preach M&P, and owning a few is evident of that. Don’t get it wrong, […]

Added Training

…It Makes Us All Better So many put emphasis on the many aspects of shooting. The question often heard debated is: What makes a shooter? This will be answered at the end of this article. Plenty of times it is said, especially by me, dry fire will be your key to success. This is a […]

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