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Cigars and Humidors–The Correct Way

On a previous segment about cigars on The Urban Shooter Podcast I shared some advice about cigars and humidors.  A more experienced brother had the following to say and corrections for me.  I really appreciate this and sharing it here.   On your segment about cigars, I found myself shaking my head yell “Nooooo!” (Visualize…


Encouraging Our Nation

To the patriots of the east coast, I know you are reeling from the horrific tragedies of sick and broken people that have used firearms to murder, maim and kill the innocent. Even our spouses are looking at us with the crook eye. I feel your pain. I know how people operate. The murder of…

The Urban Shooter Podcast

How To Make Your Podcast Not Suck, Pt 2

Part 2   Podcasting and blogging are the next gold rush to some people.  It evolves so much that there aren’t any good books on how to do it.  The best you can do though is find an online tutor.  That will save you hours.  You could research youtube, but you can’t trust everything you…

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How To Make Your Podcast Not Suck, Pt 1

Part 1 Podcasting is the next big thing to a lot of people.  Although it’s been around since 2005 (probably) it has evolved into an easier to perform medium.  All you need is a way to record onto digital format, upload to a platform that can be downloaded by your audience and you are there. …