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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling [Podcast 514]

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and share some little known information about the Irish, Black folks and America. Over a million Irish immigrants came to North America after the potato famine and were a part of the forming of this country. They were often the “Poor Whites” that are mentioned in many gun legislations. They were […]

Podcast 466 – Anticipating Recoil in Shooting and In Life

On the episode of the podcast I take some great points from four years ago that featured Anthony “Gun For Hire Colandro on How To Stop Anticipating Recoil. I share some history, the origins of St. Patrick Day, a life lesson of flinching and fear. MJ Woodland answers a listeners question and Kenn is going to get into reloading thanks to Dillon Precision. Kenn tells a tall tale about a leprechaun.

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