I Feel Like I Owe You – Black Man With A Gun Show 348

This is the 348 episode of a internet radio show known as the Black Man With A Gun Show. This week I have two interviews that will let you know a little about youtuber and new shooter known as Hank Strange. Hank Strange, {see http://youtu.be/m-UvZ2ufobI} Hank (a pseudo) is a really interesting and good family…

caracal 9mm

Caracal at the SHOT Show

On a cold and windy day in Nevada, I got a chance to meet J.J. Racaza at the NSSF’s Media Day at the Range.  JJ is a spokesman for CARACAL, a very accurate pistol, that has been around about five years, originating in the UAE.  It is now imported here and worthy of a test…


303 Urban Shooter Podcast

Haters Gonna Hate. I am very skeptic now when I hear someone say anything about guns that doesn’t have one.  I immediately question their motives.  Are they a politician, celebrity /wealthy person, or all three?  Is their only solution to disarm the good guys?  Fear of loss is ramping up sales at all gun shops,…