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Jungle Love: Show 307 Urban Shooter Podcast

Candy Heart

This week Kenn mixes Black History/American History and Personal History all together with gun rights. But not until Bones Hooks starts it off with a classic hit from The TIME, “Jungle Love.” Carter G. Woodson, and the Great Migration. You…


Ten Ways To Improve Your Relationships

Couple on KennBlanchard.com

How to Use Conversation to Improve Your Relationship   Every relationship has conflict — the key to improving your situation relies on your ability to listen and follow these steps: Make a date to talk about the problem, choosing optimal…


5 Things That Make This Podcast Different

Chiappa Rhino chrome

Mature Audience Warning. This is the 255 episode of The Urban Shooter Podcast and Kenn runs along the edge again with a book review on a book about anal sex.  WHAT?? And then a Christian commentary about sex and Marriage…


Shoot Don’t Shoot U Decide #243


I had a hot and heavy adults only conundrum for the intelligent to sort out last week. (From the Black Man With A Gun Podcast #243) I heard and got a couple of comments, here are a few. “Hmm..no apparent…