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Half-Step, March!

  Well, at least it’s a half-step in the right direction, but the recent announcement that military bases will no longer be gun free is not all that the headlines proclaim. It is progress, but only on paper. Sure, guns are allowed in theory…but just try to get a permit. (Think concealed carry in places […]

I Was Wrong

Lesson learned: Never underestimate the hypocrisy of an anti-gun rights bigot. Literally minutes after I finished writing my previous post, I decided to read up a little more on Mr. D. Watkins. Sorting through his previous writings at Salon.com, I came upon a wonderful essay from last July entitled, “Gunplay Is All I Know.”  (Though […]

You First

If only we could convert hypocrisy and self-righteousness into electricity, this Salon article by D. Watkins could power the nation for years. Apparently Mr. Watkins believes that anyone wishing to carry a gun for self protection should be required to be shot first, so that they can “understand the pain of being shot.” There is […]

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