Gun Rights – David B. Cole

A couple of years ago, I launched a new online magazine for the the soldiers, leaders and activist still involved in the fight for the right to keep and bear arms.  It will highlight their work, and help you find them so you can see that until all of us are free, none of us…


Mandatory Training

Everybody should be properly trained if they intend to use a gun for self-defense, right? No argument here. But should it be mandated by the government? I say no.  Emphatically. “But Dave,” you might point out, “You are a firearms trainer.  Clearly you believe in the importance of training.”  And you’d be right.  Proper and…


How Do You Respond?

Episode 375 of the Black Man With A Gun Show This week I’d like to just have a conversation with you about responding to the anti-gun community. For the past seven years I have produced this show, entertained and educated folks like you and I on American history, new products, training, and introduced new voices,…


Why I Teach (And Maybe You Should, Too)

I became a firearms instructor by accident. My original intent was to teach the NRA’s “Refuse To Be A Victim” seminar as a sideline business…just to make a little extra cash, and serve what I perceived as a market for personal safety education.  While working out my business plan, it occurred to me that I…

Dorie Miller Club

Gun Blogs

Gun bloggers, Websites and the Gun Community When I first set my up my website back in 1999, I didn’t know much about “html” or “flash” so I asked a friend that was a wiz at technology back then and responsible for some high tech surveillance stuff used by the US government.  He recommended a…