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Wanted: Read and Alive

Kenn Blanchard 4
The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.   A good friend of mine heard my vision and help me make it happen right during the Y2K scare. We were all using dial-up and AOL.1.0 was king....
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AaargoJay Youtuber

The listeners to the Black Man With A Gun alerted me of a YOUTUBE personality was using my trademarked name as his own as a title.  The name is edgy.  It attracts attention.  And that is why I took it as a nod of recognition to Robert F....
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What’s New and Free For You…

This week on episode 470 of the Black Man With A Gun Show 3 Armed citizen stories Get the New Black Man With A Gun App - It’s 100% free - https://appsto.re/us/CxgRbb.i https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/black-man-with-a-gun/id1101817308?mt=8 Introducing the www.GunMovement.org MJ Woodland on gear selection shout outs extracarry.com
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On YouTube

This was a impromptu hangout for a group just starting to help and support untraditional gun owners and clubs called simply the Gun Movement. Over the years the gun community has exploded with new groups of people that you don’t normally see represented at a Second Amendment event....
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Update on 1 New Jersey Case

I shared this with you earlier but there is good news, a prosecutor in New Jersey has dropped a felony gun charge against a Pennsylvania corrections officer, noting that officers only learned that the guard had a gun in his car because he was the victim of a drunken driving crash.
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Kenn Blanchard and target
This is my first petition. I am working with a new group called 2AO.org to get the message out, build a movement that is important to our health and welfare as a people. It's a uniting effort that starts with you and ends with US. One Nation. Check this out and join me.
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Do You Have This One?

File Jan 12, 4 29 52 PM
Can you imagine the looks you are going to get when you wear this patch?   It’s going to be a conversation starter. It’s going to show others you are one of the “cool people” I talk about on the show. It’s a 3” x 3” square patch...
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