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Is It Because I’m Black?

Urban Shooter Podcast 329 Declaration of Independence, thoughts about Edward Snowden, news- there was a march in DC with Toy Guns, Is the AWB going into effect this week?, is it because I’m black, thoughts about race and black rifles.  I get a really good description about a snipers’ rifle system that I have a…

medford knife

Cool Blade in Hot July

You may not know it but I am a knife guy.  I have always been one.  The fact that you don’t know is because you were not supposed to.  It is something I use for defense so I never share.  Today I saw a very cool knife for utility and work that I think would…

stressed bro

Podcast 326 It’s a Conspiracy

I feel caught in the Crossfire on this the 326th Episode of the Urban Shooter Podcast.  Going to talk about Snowden, Conspiracies, Secrecy, Superman, Suzanne MCComas, her new book, the unofficial ammo Shortage report, and the Ten Myths about Gun control.   Whistleblower, Patriot or Traitor? One of hottest topics this week has been on the American…


Contemporary Insanity – Podcast 323

Memorial Day 2013 In this the 323rd episode of the Urban Shooter Podcast I am multi-tasking.  You’ll see a change to this site, too. We’re celebrating Memorial Day with remembrance, BBQ, and Blues Music.   Our country is red, hot and blue over all the nonsense that has become our government, and popular culture. Barbara…

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Show #306 Gun Control Extremist

I was inspired by my friend Sarah’s post on GunRightsMagazine.com to use the “Funky Cold Medina”  in the intro.  This week we are talking about Maryland, Chicken Little, the Kel-Tec PMR 30, and being falsely accused.  I have an interview with a VP from GLOCK and more.   Gun Control Extremist ex·trem·ist  -noun -. a person who goes to extremes, especially in political matters…