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Armed Citizens Shoot Burglar, Clown and a Son

Homeowner shoots, wounds would-be burglar – Houston Chronicle By Dale Lezon Police arrested a 39-year-old man Monday night after a homeowner shot and wounded him while he was trying to break into a house in north Houston, officials said. Kenneth Wayne Shepherd is charged with attempted burglary of...
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Introducing High Capacity Magazine [Podcast 487]

This week on Black Man With A Gun Podcast 487, I want to share how I am using this website (blackmanwithagun.com) to encourage my friends to contribute weekly to this site as a online magazine called High Capacity Magazine. One in the number of things that is thrown...
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Gang Bangers For The Second Amendment [Podcast 476]

Is the Second Amendment truly for everyone or just for people who conform to our “norm”? The perceived image of the gun community is predominately white male with a compliment of white women. Whenever young gun owners get together there is a perception to some that they are...
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Dana Loesch Responds to Cosmo Magazine

Cosmo magazine kicks off a new, sexist “gunsplainer” campaign with the article “Why You Should Never Date a Gunsplainer” and an accompanying video. Dana Loesch points out that the campaign defines gun owners as white, male and unattractive, ignoring women’s rights, intelligence and proficiency with guns when often...
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Armed Clerk Stops Robbery

With the loss of hope, and ignorance in our society today, the abundance of criminal activity prompts many of us to consider carrying a gun for the first time. I surround myself with those that have always carried. We hear of the foolishness, the crime, and threat of...
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