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Origin of Gun Control in the Cities [Podcast 516]

When I started looking at the history of gun control I found that it was tied to so many other parts of our lives. There is a connection between gun control in the city and Black America, Irish, and Italian immigration. Lynching is the horrific practice of vigilante executions. The largest group ever hung at […]

Can You Believe New Jersey Gun Laws?

Not even law enforcement officers are safe from New Jersey’s gun laws. Sgt. Ray Hughes, a corrections officer in Pennsylvania, was headed home after dinner with his wife in Atlantic City when they were hit by a drunk driver. Even though he was the victim, Hughes became a criminal — he’s now facing a felony charge for bringing his gun into New Jersey. It’s just the latest in a long string of miscarriages of justice that characterize the state’s gun-control regime. Watch this exclusive report with Ray Hughes and his wife Denise from NRA News.

New Jersey: How Bad Is It?

It’s so bad in “The Garden State” that even a trained and experienced police officer is denied a permit to carry for self defense. Confusing N.J. gun laws deny some ex-cops right to carry | Di Ionno John Kotchkowski, then a young University Hospital cop helped chase the killers in 1995, of John Deventer, a […]

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