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God and Country [podcast 488]

Without planning it, when I opened up the blog to become an online magazine, a familiar theme emerged. The early adopting authors and contributors to this concept all have a belief system.  We are all patriotic, believers in God.  I know there are non-believing, skeptics, atheist, agnostics, a Wiccan or Satanist in this listening community, […]

Black Guns Matter [Podcast 485]

In 1991, I had hopes of starting a firearms training business that would save lives. I knew that education and “guts” got my ancestors off the plantations, and it was the very same thing that was going to set them free once they understood their Constitutional rights. Free men own guns, slaves do not. But […]

Podcast 472 – People Fear What They Don’t Understand

This week I am exhausted but for a great reason. I worked a lot of hours and in the midst of it was part of a documentary that will air on PBS/ WETA sometime near May 9-10, 2016 about “Faith & Guns.” Will share a little about that on this episode. Also, MJ Woodland talks […]

Podcast 468 – Left Handed Shooters

Shooting left handed or with your non-dominant hand, with Rick Ector, calling your shots with MJ Woodland, and introducing a blade master, Clarence Jackson. Rob Morse has a new groove:  http://www.selfdefensegunstories.com “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes” – Sir Winston Churchill http://traffic.libsyn.com/urbanshooter/468_-_Black_Man_With_A_Gun.mp3 Get the podcast delivered directly […]

Podcast 466 – Anticipating Recoil in Shooting and In Life

On the episode of the podcast I take some great points from four years ago that featured Anthony “Gun For Hire Colandro on How To Stop Anticipating Recoil. I share some history, the origins of St. Patrick Day, a life lesson of flinching and fear. MJ Woodland answers a listeners question and Kenn is going to get into reloading thanks to Dillon Precision. Kenn tells a tall tale about a leprechaun.

Podcast 465 – Campaign Promises, Concealed Carry, and Remembering Otis McDonald

Who would have known that becoming a gun owner would pull you into the ugly world of politics? Like it or not, you are a part of the conversation. They are talking about you. Mark James gives some answers to the questions and lies we hear during campaign season. Michael Woodland talks about Concealed Carry and I remember Otis McDonald, activist and plaintiff.

Podcast 464 – Modifying Your Firearm and Reloading

This week, I worried how I was going to top last weeks great show with Mark James.  I may never but thought this one is packed full of useful information with a little help from my friends. Michael Woodland tip talks about making modifications to your firearms and I expand upon it ten fold with […]

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