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Happy New Year and welcome to the last episode of 2013!

Celebratory gun fire – is the shooting of a firearm into the air in celebration.

End of year, celebrating you and the guest I have had on this year, the good and the bad times. Plus – remembering Mikhail Kalashnikov, the former Red Army sergeant behind one of the world’s most omnipresent weapons — the AK-47 and its variants and copies, used by national armies, terrorists, drug gangs, bank robbers, revolutionaries and jihadists — died Dec. 23 at a hospital in Izhevsk, Russia. He was 94. Also New Year myths, plans, all about Watch Night Service, and Celebratory gun fire. Dont do it!

Grandmas Gun:  Going to track it down this year. 

Freedoms Eve


Many of us who live or grew up in and near Black communities in the United States have probably heard of “Watch Night Services.”  It is the gathering of the faithful in church on New Year’s Eve.  What some don’t know is  that what we celebrate can be traced back to gatherings on December 31, 1862, also known as “Freedom’s Eve.” On that night, Blacks came together in churches and private homes all across the nation, anxiously awaiting news that the Emancipation Proclamation actually had become law. Then, at the stroke of midnight, it was January 1, 1863, and all slaves in the Confederate States were declared legally free .

 When the news was received, there were prayers, shouts and songs of joy as people fell to their knees and thanked God. Black folks have gathered in churches annually on New Year’s Eve ever since, praising God for bringing us safely through another year.

The news didn’t get around as fast as it does now so in places like Texas, they didn’t get the message till June, and as a result celebrate “Juneteenth” for the same thing.  Freedom.

When my grandmother fired her shotgun every Freedoms’ Eve, it demonstrated a couple of things to me as a child.  The first was that we should never take our freedom for granted.  The second was that a black woman wielding a shotgun in celebration was a symbol of a nation, a people and rights we must always defend.  Slaves cannot own guns.  We are free.


What’s happening in Maryland and Kenn Blanchard’s regular shenanigans.

From Maryland Shall Issue:

2014 Gun Bills Filed.

A number of 2nd Amendment related bills have been pre-filed by Delegates and Senators. As you can expect, there are the good, the bad and the ugly.


HB 36-Public Safety – Handgun Permit – Applicant Qualifications
Filed by Delegate Smigiel
Would define apprehended danger as G&S, opening the door to using self-defense as a justification for issueing a permit.

HB 62-License Issued by Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia – Reciprocity
Filed by Delegate Smigiel
Would allow residents of the listed states with permits to carry in MD.
While it would not help MD residents (unless they honor non-resident permits) it would show people of MD who have never traveled that CCW does not equal blood in the streets.


HB 60-Repeal of the Firearms Safety Act of 2013
Filed by Delegate Smigiel
Repeals SB281


HB 94-Criminal Law – Prohibition on Manufacture of Detachable Magazine or Firearm Receiver – 3–Dimensional Printing
Filed by Delegate Auroa
Bans 3D printing guns and magazines.
There is some language that is unclear that may impact non 3D printed magazines.


HB42-Public Safety – Firearms – Application Approval Before Sale, Rental, or Transfer
Filed by Delegate Cardin
Would ban 8th day transfers, thus allowing the MSP to shut down handgun sales by not acting on applications.
Remember the original 8th day release was put in because people foresaw the MSP using the approval process to delay or reduce firearm sales.

HB 22-Baltimore City – Prohibition on Ordinance Eliminating or Limiting Duty to Retreat
Filed by Delegate Conaway
Would ban Baltimore City from ever passing any form of a Stand Your Ground Law.
The way the law is written may add a duty to retreat in the home.

HB 67-Criminal Law – Self–Defense – Duty to Retreat
Filed by Delegate Conaway
Would ban the state from passing a Stand Your Ground Law in any form.
The way the law is written may add a duty to retreat in the home.





We see here the importance of being involved and engaged this year. There are bills being presented that have as much impact as SB281. Imagine a Maryland where last summer’s 6-month delays are the norm and there is nothing you can do. Even worse, imagine a Maryland where criminals know you have to retreat to your bedroom and can freely rob your living room, kitchen, study, etc because you can’t confront them in your own home.

2A Tuesday (Feb 4th) will set the tone of this session. Will Senators and Delegates look out and see 100 people they can label as gun nuts, or a sea of 10,000 Maryland residents of every race, economic status, creed, gender and orientation, standing together for the fundamental human right of self defense?

And here’s that list of cool people I had on the show.  I think there were more than this actually.


1. Aaargo Jay

2. Ambrose Jones

3. Barbara Baird

4. Brian Dragunuk

5. Brian Hardy

6. Charles Lollar

7. Chris Cheng

8. Colion Noir

9. David Codrea

10. Doug Koenig

11. Sen. Ed Reilly

12. Emily Miller

13. Candidate EW Jackson

14. Fate of Destinee

15. Gabby Franco

16. Greg Medford

17. Hank Strange

18. Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

19. Hurshel Stroud

20. Jim Heffelfinger

21. JJ Racaza

22. Julie Golieb

23. Kevin Paulson

24. Kris Koenig

25. Mark Walters

26. Marti Hayes

27. Massad Ayoob

28. Michael Piccione

29. Del. Mike Smiegel

30. Natalie Foster

31. Nikki Goeser

32. Nikki Turpeaux

33. Candidate Paul McKinley

34. R. Lee Ermey

35. Raymond Kohout

36. Richard “Dick” Heller

37. Rick Ector

38. Rob Morse

39. Del. Ron George

40. Candidate Roy V Allmond

41. Suzanne McComas

42. Tim Schmitt

43. Tom Gresham

44. Tucker Carlson

45. Valinda Rowe

Thank you, if I missed you.  Happy New Year!  Next year is going to be even better, watch and see.







Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Show #306 Gun Control Extremist

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I was inspired by my friend Sarah’s post on GunRightsMagazine.com to use the “Funky Cold Medina”  in the intro.  This week we are talking about Maryland, Chicken Little, the Kel-Tec PMR 30, and being falsely accused.  I have an interview with a VP from GLOCK and more.


Gun Control Extremist

ex·trem·ist  -noun -. a person who goes to extremes, especially in political matters

 The Chicken Little Thing.  

Gun of the Week- NovaArmament.com  Kel-Tec PMR 30

Glock interview



Nova Armament.com

Maryland Shall Issue.org  (Annapolis, MD stop the Extremist, 2/6/2013)

MAG-40 OC Poster v7-1

Funky Cold Medina – Bones Hooks

Fight the Power- Bones Hooks






Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



291 The Urban Shooter Podcast

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Kenn Blanchard’s popular podcast featuring a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s, “All Along The Watchtower” is not your normal gun show.  This episode features music from veteran Sarah Greene, Living the Dream , and patriotic rock band, Madison Rising.  In the Gun News segment, Kenn highlights a story by his new friend, Emily Miller of The Washington Times and an update from MarylandShallIssue.org  on the Woolard case.  The featured commentary comes from an article that was published in the Daily Caller and shown some love in the blogosphere.




Feeling really musical this week, so there are some tunes to help you work out to and enjoy the show with. please give me a thumbs up on Stitcher Radio or a positive review on ITunes.


  • Black People, Black Guns and Black Politicians
  •  Cigar of the Week – CAO MX 2
  •  NovaArmament.com – Cz Pistols with Malcolm Rogers III
  •  Living The Dream – Sarah Greene
  •  Madison Rising- Star Spangled Banner
  •  Gun News- Emily Miller, The Washington Times, and Marylandshallissue.org


All Along the Watchtower- sung by Bones Hooks, written by Bob Dylan, music styled after Jimi Hendrix



 From Maryland Shall Issue.org: 

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Grants the Stay

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (CA4) has granted Maryland’s motion for a stay pending the outcome of appeal of the Woollardcase. This overrules the lower court’s order that would have lifted the stay effective August 7th and takes us back to where we stood just a few weeks prior. While this is certainly disheartening, the much bigger issue remains the appeal of the case itself. Oral arguments will be scheduled at some point between October 23-26. A ruling on the case is likely to come at some point in early 2013.



In the meantime, permit applications submitted to MSP can still be denied if you do not have a “good and substantial reason,” so please bear that in mind if you had planned on submitting an application.



CZ Pistol and Nova Armament


Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Gun Rights Still A Mess in Maryland

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The words gun and registry don’t bode well for gun owners.  It makes the hairs on our neck stand up.  Gun registration already occurs when you purchase a firearm; submit your name and biographical data to the FBI for a National Identification Check, the BATFE, and the store. 

Registration of guns is anti-American.  It’s anti-freedom.  It means that the government is bigger than the people it serves.  Some want it to be that way— advocates of freedom do not.   Registration of guns by the government in the 1940’s was the precursor to gun confiscation under the pretense of a safer more civilized society by Nazi Germany.  For all those that think it couldn’t happen again, let me explain to you that despite our advances in time, technology and education, we haven’t improved upon the spirit of men.  We are still capable of wickedness, selfishness, horror and the like no matter what the ethnicity, wealth or position.  The US Constitution and the people that created it made it beautiful by doing what no country on earth has done.  It gave the power to the people.  It called politics a service.  It was not a career.  It was not what it is today.

Maryland is not the Free State.  It is the Old Line state.  It carries the old line of segregationalist, exploitation and racism when it comes to the rights of gun owners.  It demonstrates this in its latest conceptions of a gun registry in Prince Georges County.  We already have a registry for criminals —its called a felony record.  

Here are a couple of news stories from today in Maryland.  For more information and info,  follow my friends at  the Maryland Shall Issue site.


Prince George’s Considers Registry Of Gun Offenders

The Washington Post

May 29, 2012

Matt Zapotosky


Appeal Of Voided Md. Gun-Permit Law Awaits Ruling

The Washington Times

May 28, 2012

David Hill




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.