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Love Is

Love is driving eight hours one way in the pouring rain to see your son at college. Love is spending the weekend with him. Love is giving him his first guitar. Love is knowing that you make a difference. Love is cheering his favorite MMA fighter with him, sharing a meal at his favorite restaurant…

Coconut Cake kenn Blanchard

The Story Of The Coconut Cake

If you checked out my facebook page this week.  You’ll see what some thought was a big hash brown.  Well it is not, it’s a cake.  Let me explain… My grandmother lived in rural Virginia.  The limit of her indoor plumbing was that water can into the house, cold spring water.  We had to heat…

mood-rings and the highs and lows of relationships

Highs and Lows of Relationships

Back in the seventies, there was a pseudoscientific fad where everyone was into numerology, astrology, and biorhythms. Mood rings were popular. Charting biorhythms for personal use was popular in video arcades and amusement areas that provided charts according to your date of birth. Biorhythm programs were a common application on PCs, back in the day.There…

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Ten Ways To Improve Your Relationships

How to Use Conversation to Improve Your Relationship   Every relationship has conflict — the key to improving your situation relies on your ability to listen and follow these steps: Make a date to talk about the problem, choosing optimal time and place. Ask questions about your mate’s thoughts and feelings first and throughout discussion:…